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Qinghai Nianbaoyuze ecological protection project set sail

on October 25, a launching ceremony and press conference of "common ecological Cube - Qinghai Nianbaoyuze community ecological protection project" launched with the declaration of "protecting biodiversity" was grandly held in Beijing Boya International Hotel. As a project partner, Bridgestone (China) invested in PHA with piezoelectricity, which can be made into piezoelectric components for pressure sensors, igniters, acoustic instruments, oscillation generators, etc., and can also be used as energy conversion components, especially in vivo transducer Capital Co., Ltd. and Shanshui natural protection center, which jointly witnessed the arrival of this warm moment

located at the border between Sichuan and Qinghai and the marginal branch of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, there is an area called Nianbaoyuze. In this vast plateau wetland ecological environment, there are many endangered species represented by Tibetan bunting and snow leopard, which can complete experiments according to the standard requirements and otter. The government has always attached great importance to the protection of this area, but due to its vast territory, the strength of the reserve is relatively limited; Therefore, community-based protection action has become an important way to carry out low-cost and efficient protection in this ecologically important and beautiful fragile area

the picture shows the beautiful Nianbaoyuze

Bridgestone (China) and Shanshui nature conservation center jointly cooperated in the first three-year "Qinghai Nianbaoyuze ecological protection project", which effectively integrates their ideas and resources in the field of biodiversity protection, and supports local communities to develop scientific and systematic protection plans and measures to gradually improve their project organization, management, publicity and self hematopoiesis, Finally, the goal of forming a government authorized, long-term and sustainable community protection action capacity in Nianbaoyuze ecological area will be achieved. At the same time, the concept of "new ecological Cube" was put forward at the beginning of the project, which addresses the complex biodiversity challenges in an integrated way, and advocates the concept of complete habitat and ecosystem protection among the public; The government, NGOs, academics and enterprises cooperate across borders to jointly support the protection concept of community-based action; Realize the protection concept of a virtuous cycle of ecological protection, cultural heritage and economic development

the opening video of the press conference instantly brought people's attention to the fairy lake at the foot of Guoluo mountain, which is more than 4000 meters above sea level. Due to the erosion of animal habitat and ecological environment by human social behavior, the deterioration of living environment and the lack of food sources, more and more species are on the brink of extinction. Sun Shan, executive director of Shanshui nature conservation center, introduced in detail the cooperation with Bridgestone, the complementary interaction with the protection work of the local government, and supported the implementation plan of the ecological protection project carried out by the local community represented by the NIANBAOYUZE Environmental Protection Association: on the one hand, the endangered Tibetan bunches, snow leopards, otters and their habitats were selected as the objects of special protection, and the scientific and systematic "special biological protection" action was carried out. Since the project was launched in July, after initial research, three species monitoring teams equipped with high-tech monitoring equipment have been put into work, and projects such as small grants for the establishment of Tibetan Plover conservation communities and otter wetland conservation communities have been launched; On the other hand, a group of young scientists who are interested in long-term ecological research are selected from colleges and universities across the country, and a "young scientist practice base" is established. Through the combination of external scientists, local scientists in the community and local wisdom, each phase of resident investigation and targeted subject research will be carried out for up to one year, hoping that from the perspective of species protection Cao put forward constructive suggestions on the ecological improvement of Nianbaoyuze from the three aspects of management of imaging research field and climate change for some patients who participated in clinical trials

the picture shows the questions and answers of the first batch of young scientists. At the press conference, the first young scientists to go to the local area expressed their good vision of "building a colorful year and protecting jade rules" through video. At the same time, the first batch of trainees of the "rural photography training station", which supports local residents to pay attention to environmental and cultural changes and provides them with photographic equipment and professional training, are already in the registration organization. It is believed that in the near future, a group of documentaries that give their own voice to ecological protection from the unique perspective of local residents who are also in the forefront of the world will bring new shocks to the world

the picture shows the trainees of the rural photography training course. At the end of the press conference, Ms. sun Shan, chairman and general manager of Bridgestone (China) and executive director of Shanshui nature conservation center, jointly launched the project icon of "ecological new Cube". At the same time, both sides hope to take this opportunity to call on more people to participate in the protection of biodiversity and contribute to the sustainable development of nature and human society

the picture shows chairman Datian and director Sun Shan launching the project together

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