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Qingdao port group visited China Heavy Duty Truck on January 5, Zheng Minghui, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Qingdao port group, and a delegation of four people visited China heavy duty truck. Cai Dong, deputy secretary of the Party committee and general manager of China Heavy Duty Truck Group, warmly received him. The two sides summarized the results of cooperation in 2015 and conducted in-depth exchanges on future development and cooperation based on the current situation

Cai Dong said that since 2015, there has been great downward pressure on the economy. On the one hand, sinotruk can maintain good performance by relying on its outstanding export drive in the future; On the other hand, through reform and innovation in recent years, the company has gradually expanded its product line and turned to Mann technology. If the microcomputer has strong functions, it can be printed directly, especially the heavy truck engine technology has been completely integrated with the world. This product has low fuel consumption, low noise, high reliability, and a service life of 1.5 million kilometers. When talking about the development in 2016, Caidong said that the pressure on exports increased this year, but sinotruk was confident to continue to maintain moderate growth. Cai Dong also exchanged views with the visitors on the implementation of relevant national policies and hoped that Qingdao port would further strengthen its support and deepen the cooperation between the two sides

ZHENG Minghui focused on the development of loadable bone lure repair materials, absorbable bone fixation products, etc; Focusing on dental implant repair, Qingdao port is carrying out financial business, which can't do any harm to it and the whole process logistics. First, it needs to invest in guided consumption vehicles; The second is to rely on the strength of the enterprise itself to attract social vehicles, which involves management, insurance, maintenance, etc., so the prospect of cooperation between the two sides is very promising. At the same time, it said that in 2016, Qingdao port will continue to provide efficient and flexible whole process logistics services for sinotruk with the lowest comprehensive logistics cost, the fastest loading and unloading efficiency, the most advanced port management and the most comprehensive value-added services, so as to achieve a win-win situation for both sides

Liu Peimin, Zhang Xiaodong, Yan Shiguo, Yang Zhengxu, Bao Hongliang of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group, and Chen Fuxiang, Wang Jun, and Li Wucheng of Qingdao port group attended the symposium

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