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Qingdao supermarket found suspicious cling film

PVC cling film used in supermarkets

suspicious cling film was "caught" in supermarkets. Media reports said that PVC cling film can cause cancer. Yesterday, it was found in some supermarkets in the island city. Yesterday, some readers called the morning post service to report that on October 13, China Business News wanted to make the materials of the spacecraft easy and low-cost to prepare, saying: because it was banned in the country, Carcinogenic polyvinyl chloride (PVC) food preservative films from Japan and South Korea have entered China on a large scale and are used in some domestic supermarkets for the packaging of fresh products such as vegetables, fruits and cooked foods. Yesterday, I interviewed several supermarkets in shimagi and found that the fresh-keeping film used to pack fruits and meat was indeed PVC fresh-keeping film produced by Japan and South Korea. The supermarket found that PVC fresh-keeping film yesterday, first came to a large supermarket in our city, and the fruit shelves were full of fruits packed with PVC fresh-keeping film. At the packing place, we found a large container of fresh-keeping film with some Japanese instructions written on it, and the manufacturer marked is "Mitsui Chemical Co., Ltd.". Ask the salesperson if they know that PVC fresh-keeping film can cause cancer and is harmful to human body. The saleswoman said, "it's not harmful at all. The meat counter is also used." Sure enough, I found the PVC fresh-keeping film made in Japan with the words "Ishizaki" on the packaging of the meat counter. The salesperson at the meat counter also said that PVC packaging was not harmful, "always used". The salesperson knows that there is slight toxicity. Does the business really know nothing about the harm of PVC fresh-keeping film? When I came to the shelves selling microwave food, I saw that the fresh-keeping film of more than a dozen packaged foods was marked as PE (polyethylene) non-toxic fresh-keeping film, and there was no PVC fresh-keeping film at all. "Determined" to buy food packaged with PVC cling film, the salesperson told: "P" VC is slightly toxic, not as good as PE. It is better to buy PE cling film for your own microwave oven. " Later, I visited two supermarkets near Zhongshan Road and the railway station, and also saw large cans of PVC fresh-keeping film packaging fruits and cooked foods, both from Japan and South Korea. During the uninformed visits of most consumers, more than 20 citizens were interviewed at random, and only 3 people knew that PVC fresh-keeping film was harmful, which was the news seen on the Internet recently. Most citizens knew nothing about the harm of PVC and said they "think the products in the supermarket should be trusted". When they were told about the harm of PVC film packaging food, these citizens said that they would avoid PVC film when buying food in the future

relevant links are applicable to metallurgical industry, engineering construction, light industry, airlines, aerospace, raw materials, colleges and universities, scientific research institutions and other industries. According to the report of first finance and Economics: according to experts, PVC food preservative film is relatively harmful to human body. The harmful substances in this kind of preservative film are easy to be separated out. After entering the human body with food, it has carcinogenic effect on human body, especially interfering with human endocrine, causing women's breast cancer Congenital defects of newborns, male reproductive disorders and even mental diseases

information source: Qingdao morning post

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