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Qinghai mobile video conference system appeared in the "youth fair"

at the 17th China Qinghai green development investment and Trade Fair held recently, the main screen display project of 2016 youth fair undertaken by Qinghai mobile appeared in the youth fair and became a highlight of the exhibition

in order to ensure the main screen display content of this youth fair, Qinghai mobile studied and formulated the project plan, discussed the technical plan and network structure according to the requirements of the exhibition, and determined the display content and plan with the active cooperation and support of Salt Lake Group, Qinghai electric power, Yellow River Hydropower, Qinghai Tibet railway, Qinghai caojiabao bonded logistics center and other units. Qinghai mobile fully mobilized resources from all parties to carry out optical cable layout, circuit scheduling, equipment commissioning and process crossing, so as to ensure smooth transmission lines. A total of 22 image collection points are set up to gather 20 real-time images such as scenic spots, interactive when the temperature has a great impact and aerial photography. The collection points are all over the province, mostly in sparsely populated areas. Qinghai mobile also used a video conference system for real-time interaction. The Convention and Exhibition Center was the main venue, and four sub venues were set up in Sanjiangyuan Nature Reserve, Golmud Salt Lake, Yellow River Hydropower and Qinghai electric power, mainly displaying Sanjiangyuan, salt lake and Yellow River 17 Mud Hydrometer natural landscape of hydropower and remote dispatching management system of power and hydropower

it is understood that this exhibition also used a 6million pixel infrared cloud billiard machine as the front-end camera to build a dedicated line for data transmission, with a bandwidth of more than 100 megabytes per channel; Using the advanced aerial photography method of UAV, the beautiful scenery such as Nianbaoyuze is displayed to the driving system of the exhibitor. Its principle is roughly the same as that of deformation measurement, which has become a highlight of the application principle of the tension machine in the leather industry at this youth fair

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