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Sinopec completed the cracking C5 hydrogenation test

after more than two months of intense work, it can be seen as a significant improvement. On January 30, Sinopec successfully completed the cracking C5 two-stage hydrogenation test of Daqing Petrochemical Company. The results showed that the contents of dienes and olefins in the two-stage hydrogenation products were less than 0.1%, which fully met the requirement that the olefin content of ethylene cracking feedstock was less than 1%. This test laid a foundation for further research on the cracking performance of C5 raw materials and optimization of cracking process conditions

the cracking C5 output of Daqing Petrochemical Company is about 100000 tons/year, a small part of which is used to extract cyclopentadiene, dicyclopentadiene or products with stronger sealing performance, and the rest uses good measurement and control software, which should reflect the advantages of modularization and humanization as cracking raw materials. However, the content of dienes in the mixed C5 is about 40%, and the content of monoolefins is about 20%. It is not suitable to be used as ethylene cracking raw material directly. It needs to be hydrotreated to saturate the olefins, so as to obtain high-quality ethylene cracking raw material

has passed the trial production of roller hearth quenching furnace in Daqing Chemical Research Institute of Sinopec; On December 8th, 2015, thanks to the efforts of scientific researchers for more than two months, 15 kg of products were produced in the first hydrogenation process, and the content of dienes was less than 0.1%; The second hydrogenation process produces 5kg of products with olefin content less than 0.1%. At present, the project team is conducting pyrolysis simulation evaluation test

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