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The petrochemical industry has become a bright spot in the development of Suzhou

the petrochemical industry has become a bright spot in the development of Suzhou

in the process of helping enterprises achieve sustainable development

on December 8, 2003

the data shows that the average annual growth rate is more than 18%. At present, there are 696 foreign-funded petrochemical enterprises in Suzhou, with an investment of 3.85 billion US dollars. The area along the river in Suzhou has become an important production and manufacturing base for petrochemical industries such as epoxy resin, engineering plastics, advanced lubricants, PVC, frozen liquefied gas, fluorochemical industry, etc

It is reported that Suzhou will also invest 14.6 billion yuan and spend about five years to build an international

first-class fine chemical park along the Yangtze River. The universal material testing machine and pressure testing machine used by the vast majority of construction engineering laboratories in Anhui Province are hydraulic purpose land use right transfer and bank enterprise cooperation agreement signed a few days ago, marking that the adjustment of Suzhou Municipal Industrial strategic layout is completed by the operator himself and has entered a substantive stage. According to China's epoxy resin industry (oxy-

), Suzhou fine chemical industry park is located in the "Jiangsu Yangtze River

International Chemical Industry Park" along the Zhangjiagang River approved by the provincial government. It is registered in Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone, with a total investment of 14.6 billion yuan, which is implemented in three phases. The chemical industry

park takes the organic combination of sulfur chemical industry, chlor alkali chemical industry, coal chemical industry and petrochemical industry as the main line, develops supporting and deep processing

industrial products, and forms five series of nearly 60 products such as sulfuric acid, formaldehyde, chlor alkali and acetic acid, as well as a modern logistics center. When completed, the park will achieve a total annual income of 25billion yuan and a total profit and tax of 4.5 billion yuan

Dow Chemical epoxy resin factory in the United States and Kunshan epoxy resin factory in the Republic of Korea, located in Zhangjiagang, Suzhou, have become an important production base of epoxy resin in China. These multinational companies are fully integrating into the Chinese market

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