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Petrochemical Industry: intelligent production is the development trend

at the instrument and green economy summit forum held in Beijing a few days ago, Huang Buyu, vice chairman of the technical committee of Sinopec automatic control center station, made a thematic report on "the current situation and development of integrated automation system in petrochemical industry", analyzing the challenges faced by the petrochemical industry

Huang Buyu pointed out that China is short of crude oil resources and relies on imported crude oil for processing; The demand contradiction between oil refining and petrochemical raw materials is becoming more and more prominent; Crude oil prices fluctuate greatly, production costs are high, and business risks; Strict requirements for safety, energy conservation, emission reduction, environmental protection and other specifications; Foreign well-known petrochemical enterprises set up factories in China, and the market competition is fierce. It is more and more urgent to reduce the life cycle cost and improve the management level of modern enterprises

it is understood that the biggest challenge facing the global petrochemical industry at present is that oil and gas are easy to cause small piston damage, oil leakage, resource shortage, imbalance between supply and demand, increased production costs and the urgent need for industrial integration. As the fastest-growing oil storage in the world today, the lack of fast automation technology, information technology and modern management technology has become a technical means and method that international enterprises compete to adopt and continuously improve their competitiveness. With the continuous progress of petrochemical production technology in the world, petrochemical enterprises are developing towards large-scale, integrated, intelligent and clean. The traditional design concept of production process control system in petrochemical enterprises has also changed

Huang Buyu said: "In modern petrochemical plants, the level of integrated automation system is constantly improving. From the perspective of plant production operation, management and maintenance, it is required that the process control system should be open, highly reliable, interoperable and easy to maintain. Through the automation of production operation, informatization of business management, integration of production management and process control, enterprises can realize the process from crude oil selection, procurement, production and processing to petroleum and chemical production The intelligent production and management of the whole process of leaving the factory can maximize the profit of the enterprise

with the mature application of DCS, SIS, FGS, CCS, PLC and other control systems, fieldbus technology and industrial wireless network technology in the field of process automation, the intelligent level of petrochemical production will be greatly improved

build "intelligent petrochemical factory"

compared with foreign leading petrochemical enterprises, Chinese petrochemical enterprises are still in the primary stage of information construction. To stand out in the fierce international competition, we must have a global perspective and Chinese innovation, actively develop advanced information technology means such as digital oil fields, supply chain integration, IOT and cloud computing, drive industrialization with informatization, and promote informatization with industrialization

in order to occupy the commanding heights, many countries have put forward cross century research plans. For example, the U.S. government has put forward plans such as the national key technology of the United States and the advanced manufacturing technology plan; Eureka plan (eure smart car steady promotion KA) and information technology research and development strategic plan (ESPRIT) of the European Community; Intelligent manufacturing system plan of Japan; South Korea's national plan for advanced technology, etc

by analyzing the trend of international economic development and the development trend of information technology, the shrinkage process appeared when China Petrochemical took out plastic parts from the mold. Lin Rong, deputy chief engineer of the construction company, proposed to develop intelligent production technology of petrochemical industry and build "intelligent petrochemical factory". He said, "intelligent petrochemical factory" is a comprehensive technology that combines automation technology, information technology and modern management technology to improve the traditional petrochemical industry, and integrates petrochemical business planning and decision-making optimization, planning scheme optimization, scheduling optimization and closed-loop control optimization. At present, countries all over the world attach great importance to the development of this technology and realize the integration of design, production management and operation

it is reported that intelligent chemical plant is the concept and solution first proposed by aspentec in the 1990s. Subsequently, Honeywell, Emerson, Invensys and other companies successively proposed "integrated business solutions", "digital factory", "smart factory" and other solutions, which were successfully applied to large-scale projects

intelligent production technology of petrochemical industry

intelligent production technology is that the manufacturing industry continuously absorbs the achievements of machinery, electricity, electronics, information (computer, network, communication, cybernetics, artificial intelligence, etc.), energy and modern system management, and comprehensively applies it to the whole process of product research and development, design, manufacturing, testing, sales, use, service and recycling, so as to achieve high quality, high efficiency, low consumption, cleanness, agility Flexible production is the general term of manufacturing technology that improves the adaptability and competitiveness to market dynamics

it is characterized by relying on digitalization and networking to realize centralized planning, monitoring, management and coordination of all links in the production process and business process, and relying on Modeling and informatization to simulate and adjust the production process, business process and strategic decision-making

in the next few years, the focus of intelligent manufacturing technology in petrochemical industry will be the digitization of detection technology, the intellectualization of control technology, the integration of production process control and management, and the integration of internal and external supply chain management optimization

experts predict that in the next ten years, the petrochemical intelligent production technology will show the following trends:

fully meet the needs of large-scale, integrated, intelligent and clean petrochemical enterprises in the 21st century, and fully reflect the concepts of safety, health, environmental protection and circular economy; The integration and integration of production process automation and enterprise production, operation and management informatization; Digitalization and networking of production process control equipment; Realize the flexibility, agility and virtualization of design, production and management; Digitalization, automation and networking of scientific research, design, engineering, production, operation and decision-making; The networking and globalization of the company's collaborative business with suppliers, customers and partners

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