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The important task of energy conservation in the petrochemical industry during the 12th Five Year Plan period was on its shoulders. From April 20 to 21, the seventh petroleum and chemical energy conservation forum hosted by China chemical energy conservation technology association was held in Shanghai. Participants generally believed that the overall goals and requirements of energy conservation and emission reduction during the "12th Five Year Plan" period were more systematic, comprehensive and strict in steel pipe standards than those in the "11th Five Year Plan". How to achieve the new goals of energy conservation of 16% and carbon dioxide emission reduction of 17% during the "12th Five Year Plan" has become an important topic in front of the petrochemical industry

Dai Yande, deputy director of the Energy Research Institute of the national development and Reform Commission and chairman of the China chemical energy conservation technology association, made a report here, analyzing the energy supply and demand situation and energy conservation and emission reduction countermeasures during the 12th Five Year Plan. Dai Yande believes that with the improvement of energy conservation and emission reduction indicators, China's energy conservation situation in the 12th Five Year Plan is not optimistic. In the next decade, China will face severe pressure on energy supply, and the momentum of rapid growth in energy consumption must be effectively suppressed

Wang Wentang, Secretary General of the China Chemical Industry Energy Conservation Technology Association, also admitted that in the past 10 years, achieving the energy conservation goal of the 12th Five Year Plan is a very arduous task. He pointed out that the petrochemical industry is in the rising period of cyclical development, and the demand for energy will continue to grow. For example, the energy consumption of the nitrogenous fertilizer industry will maintain a stable growth. Affected by cost factors, nitrogenous fertilizer enterprises have increased pressure on energy conservation, and enterprises must pay more attention to energy conservation. In the next few years, caustic soda production capacity will continue to grow, energy consumption will also continue to increase, and energy-saving pressure will increase sharply. Overcapacity is a prominent problem in the soda ash industry in recent years. Overcapacity leads to low production load and high energy consumption. In order to reduce costs, enterprises must continue to work hard to save energy. Calcium carbide has serious overcapacity, and the national elimination policy has been strengthened. Calcium carbide enterprises must pay attention to energy conservation and significantly improve energy efficiency

as for how to achieve the goal of energy conservation and emission reduction in the 12th Five Year Plan, Dai Yande believes that it is necessary to reasonably control the total energy consumption, strictly manage energy consumption, clarify the total amount control goal and decomposition implementation mechanism, but the performance remains basically unchanged, strengthen the assessment of energy conservation and emission reduction goals, curb the rapid growth of high energy consuming industries, and strengthen the energy conservation management of key energy users. In addition, we should explore the establishment of low-carbon product standards, labeling and certification systems, establish and improve the statistical accounting system of greenhouse gas emissions, and gradually establish a carbon emissions trading market; We will improve the market-oriented mechanism for energy conservation, accelerate the implementation of contracted energy management and power demand side management, and improve the energy efficiency labeling, energy-saving product certification and government compulsory procurement system for energy-saving products. At the end of the calibration of Wang experimental machine, Wen Tang believed that we should do a good job in the energy audit and energy-saving diagnosis during the eleventh five year plan, find out the real situation, and improve the contribution rate of technological energy conservation by improving the utilization level of new energy-saving technologies

the forum also released the "100 energy-saving technologies in the petroleum and chemical industry (2011 Edition)" and held the launch ceremony of the "energy saving policies and standards in China's petroleum and chemical industry"

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