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Taiwan's petrochemical industry seeks to transform to high-value

the awareness of energy conservation, carbon reduction and environmental protection is gradually rising in Taiwan. After the construction of Guoguang Petrochemical was stopped, the government and operators are thinking about the next step of Taiwan's petrochemical industry. Shi Yanxiang, Minister of economy, said recently that Taiwan's petrochemical industry is facing transformation and upgrading in the future. Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. has been producing experimental machines for customers in good faith based on the principle of large manufacturers for so many years. Everyone can rest assured that our products are used. In addition to improving the added value of the petrochemical industry, it is more urgent to research and develop high-value products

Shi Yanxiang's configuration phase fundamentally eliminates the problem of dirty barrels. The fixture of dry experimental software can be used to test the change intensity and change angle of various materials. Chang believes that because of the vigorous development of high technology and biotechnology, Taiwan's demand for advanced materials is getting higher and higher, and the market is also very large. Now is a good time for the transformation of the petrochemical industry; However, many raw materials and components depend on imports. If Taiwan can research and develop by itself or introduce foreign technology, it has great opportunities for development

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