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Shanghai petrochemical industry is a banner of energy conservation and emission reduction

recently, it was learned from the Shanghai Municipal Commission of economy and information technology that Shanghai made significant progress in industrial energy conservation in 2009, the completion of energy conservation goals was better than expected, and the energy consumption of industrial added value above 10000 yuan fell by more than 5%. The head of the energy conservation and Comprehensive Utilization Department of Shanghai Municipal Commission of economy and information technology, which independently developed relevant materials like Hangxiao steel structure 1, said that the new achievements in energy conservation and emission reduction of Shanghai's industrial system have contributed to the city's goal of reducing energy consumption by 10000 yuan of GDP. Among them, the petrochemical industry has made outstanding contributions and set a banner in the province's energy conservation and emission reduction work

2009 is the most critical year for Shanghai to ensure the completion of the overall goal of energy conservation and emission reduction in the eleventh five year plan, and it is also the year facing the most complex and severe economic situation. In 2009, the key work of energy conservation and emission reduction in Shanghai was carried out in an orderly manner, and 864 backward production capacity projects were eliminated, saving 1.02 million tons of energy. 5. Always keep the equipment clean and hygienic; Standard coal; Promote 270 municipal incentive projects for energy-saving technological transformation, and save 600000 tons of standard coal; 71 contracted energy management projects were implemented and 25000 tons of standard coal were saved; We promoted cleaner production management and comprehensive utilization of resources, and completed the acceptance of cleaner production plans of 85 enterprises. The comprehensive utilization rate of industrial solid waste reached 97.8%, and the operating income of energy-saving services increased by about 40% over the previous year

the establishment and improvement of the energy conservation and consumption reduction system is an important breakthrough in the energy conservation work of Shanghai Petrochemical Industry in 2009, which was achieved at the same time with the strong promotion of the Shanghai municipal government. At the beginning of last year, the Shanghai Municipal Commission of economy and information technology approved and issued the annual targets for industrial energy conservation in 24 industrial groups (development zones) and 18 districts and counties, including Shanghai Huayi and Shanghai Chemical Industry Park, and took unit energy consumption as a binding indicator for the assessment of enterprises for the first time

in order to promote enterprises to strengthen energy consumption assessment, Shanghai has strengthened the management of key industrial energy users with an annual comprehensive energy consumption of more than 5000 tons of standard coal, and enterprises have timely submitted energy utilization reports; Promote the energy audit of 231 key energy users with 5000 to 10000 tons, put forward 400 energy-saving rectification measures, and tap the energy-saving potential of 80000 tons of standard coal; Carry out industrial energy efficiency benchmarking activities. Shanghai has also built the first provincial and municipal energy efficiency monitoring information system in China, the Shanghai energy efficiency monitoring platform, to timely monitor the energy efficiency of the whole city and industrial systems, and provide a basis for carrying out targeted energy-saving monitoring

Shanghai petrochemical industry vigorously eliminated the "two high and one low" production capacity in 2009. Shanghai Coking Company affiliated to Huayi Group shut down No. 2 and No. 3 coke ovens and coal tar production lines. In the 1970s and 1980s, 192 "two high and one low" enterprises have been shut down and transferred outside the pond of Fengxian District, which introduced collective or joint-venture small chemical and rubber enterprises, including 22 enterprises in the chemical zone outside the pond covering an area of 400 mu. Shanghai encourages high-tech and low-energy chemical enterprises to gather in Jinshan District, the chemical industry base, for development

in addition, Shanghai issued the "Interim Measures for the adjustment of special subsidies for chemical enterprises in the newly established seven characteristic pilot free trade zones in Shanghai for hazardous chemicals", and shut down 82 Enterprises engaged in the production, use and storage of hazardous chemicals, which not only achieved energy conservation and consumption reduction, but also provided a guarantee for urban safety during the WorldExpo

Shanghai petrochemical enterprises have increased investment in energy-saving technological transformation to realize the whole process tracking management of energy-saving technological transformation projects. For example, Huayi Group Shanghai paint company Yipin pigment company, which is listed in the pilot demonstration of cleaner production activities in the city, has improved product quality and grade by implementing the cleaner production plan, and expanded exports while saving energy. In line with the fourth round of the three-year action plan for environmental protection in Shanghai, the city has implemented 32 major and 105 minor environmental protection measures, including three pollution control projects, including Shanghai Petrochemical Company's increase in flare gas recovery capacity and waste gas treatment from sewage treatment plants

Shanghai Chemical Industry Park is a banner of energy conservation and emission reduction in Shanghai chemical industry system. Although affected by the financial crisis, the prices of chemical products of enterprises in this area generally fell in 2009, due to the increase in the total output of chemical products and the output of high value-added products, the unit consumption of products fell year-on-year. Last year, with a total investment of nearly 150million yuan, Shanghai Secco Petrochemical Company implemented the energy-saving project of reforming the cracking furnace tube and increasing the membrane separation system in the polystyrene unit, expanding the ethylene production capacity from 900000 tons to 1.2 million tons, becoming the largest single unit in China, saving about 76000 tons of standard coal every year. In 2009, the total energy consumption of the ethylene industrial chain in Shanghai Chemical Industry Park decreased by 2.91% year-on-year, the "energy consumption proportion" decreased from 55.5% to 46.6%, and the repetition rate of industrial water was 98%, both of which were leading in China

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