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Use and maintenance of air compressor of CNC plasma cutting machine

in order to ensure the normal and reliable operation of the air compressor and the service life of the unit, it is necessary to carry out regular maintenance, regular inspection and maintenance, and poor activity maintenance, so as to keep the air compressor unit clean, oil-free and dirt free. The CNC plasma cutting machine needs the air compressor to provide continuous and stable high-pressure air to blow the liquid metal slag to achieve the purpose of cutting. Generally speaking, enterprises will pay more attention to the maintenance of the CNC plasma cutting machine and the plasma power supply, and pay less attention to the maintenance of the air compressor, Here is a brief introduction to the pigging technology of air compressor

pipeline pigging mother is to clear the sediment, welding slag and other sundries left in the pipeline during welding, so as to provide guarantee for pipeline diameter measurement and normal operation. The purpose of pipeline diameter measurement is to determine the degree of out of round, wrinkle, dent or other deformation of the pipeline and the passing capacity of the pipeline before the pressure test

pipeline pigging is an important process that uses air compressor to inject compressed air into the pipeline section after pipeline welding and backfilling and before hydrostatic test to promote mechanical Pigging for debris cleaning and inner diameter measurement in the pipeline section

in order to achieve better pigging and caliper effect and accurately judge the defect location, the pipeline usually adopts the method of sectional pigging and caliper. The section is usually divided into the section between adjacent valve chambers or the section between the valve chamber and the adjacent pigging station. The length is generally about 30km, which is less than the length of the pressure test section

the diameter of the pig used for pigging usually needs an interference of 5% to 8% than the inner diameter of the pipeline. The pig used for caliper is roughly the same as that used for pigging, except that the former is equipped with a caliper plate. The caliper plate is generally made of aluminum and is usually 12mm thick. The diameter of the caliper plate depends on the inner diameter of the measured pipe section, and marketsandmarkets also points out that the variable diameter design considering this pipe section is generally 95% of the minimum theoretical inner diameter of the measured pipe section

source: Fuzhou Bolima Precision Machinery Co., Ltd

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