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The use and regular maintenance of inkjet printers

inkjet printers can easily realize color 3. electromechanical: the excellent electronic universal experimental motor adopts the output of the exchange servo speed regulation system, with excellent output effect and low purchase price, which makes it a leading product in the office market, especially in the home office market. How to use and maintain inkjet printers is the concern of the majority of users. Here are some knowledge about the use and maintenance of inkjet printers. I hope it can be helpful to friends who use inkjet printers

I. precautions for use

1 The ideal working environment for the inkjet printer is clean and free of dust, because the long-term accumulation of dust will lead to the dirt on the surface of the trolley guide shaft and other moving parts, so that the movement of the printing nozzle and other moving parts is blocked or does not respond well, resulting in the deformity of printed images and words, or even the inability to print, and the printer will be damaged in the long run

2. The ink-jet printer must be placed on a stable platform. If it is placed incorrectly for a long time, its printing speed and quality will be affected. In addition, do not place any objects on the printer to prevent falling objects from hindering the normal operation of components such as the printer trolley and causing unnecessary faults

3. If your inkjet printer uses a parallel port, please do not plug and unplug the printing wire with power to avoid damaging the print port and the parallel port of the computer. The formnext demo shows how to deposit a silicone layer and use heat to enhance crosslinking when the FDM printer is equipped with a syringe. Before not using the printer or moving it, make sure that the print head has returned to its original position. Reset the nozzle and cover the ink box, then turn off the power supply of the printer, and finally unplug the power line and signal line. On the one hand, this can make the print head sealed by the protective cover at the initial position, so that the nozzle is not easy to be blocked. On the other hand, it can also avoid the waste of ink when the printer is restarted to clean the print head next time. In case of abnormal power failure during operation, the print head shall be returned to the shutdown standby position to avoid plugging caused by dry jet hole of the print head

4. Try to use high-quality printing media. In order to reduce costs, many users will use plain paper with poor quality for printing. After a long time, the print head is easy to adhere to the impurities and fine fibers of plain paper, resulting in the blockage of the printer nozzle. When using printer media, first determine the correct paper feeding direction. The paper overlap thickness should not exceed the guide mark on the printer

5. if self filling ink is used, please select high-quality ink suitable for your own machine type, because although the price of some low-quality fake products is relatively cheap, the quality will be very different from the original or brand products. Because the diameter of the inkjet head is very small, the impurities in the poor ink will cause its blockage, and the printing effect is not satisfactory. In addition, the chemical composition of inks used in printers of various brands and models is different, so we should try to use the same brand of inks, and do not change them frequently, so as not to be harmful to the ink cartridge and print head

6. When the ink in the ink-jet printer cartridge is exhausted, the detection indicator will give a prompt. At this time, replace the cartridge in time. There are some differences in the method of replacing ink cartridges for printers of different brands and models. Generally, the correct method given in the printer instructions can be used. When replacing the ink cartridge, be careful not to touch the outlet of the ink cartridge with your hand to prevent impurities from entering the ink cartridge. Do not spill the ink on the circuit board to prevent component damage due to the conductivity of the ink. After the cartridge is replaced, print the nozzle test line. Compare the printed test line with the pattern displayed on the screen. In case of wire breakage, jumper, etc., clean again until the printed test line is completely consistent with the pattern displayed on the screen

7. Try to avoid continuous printing for a long time, because the printing nozzle will overheat and other parts will be tired. This will not only affect the service life of the printer nozzle, but also have a serious impact on the printing quality and printing accuracy. Therefore, it is best to let the printer have a proper rest when the printing volume is too large

II. Regular cleaning and maintenance

1 General cleaning and maintenance. Develop the good habit of regularly cleaning and maintaining the inkjet printer, which can keep the printer in good working condition. The general cleaning and maintenance work includes the following steps: open the cover plate of the inkjet printer, carefully clean the interior, and remove the dust, stains, ink stains and paper scraps inside the printer. Pay special attention to the cleaning of the trolley drive shaft. Use a dry absorbent cotton swab to wipe the dust and oil on the guide shaft. After cleaning, drop two drops of sewing oil on the drive shaft. When cleaning, pay attention not to wipe the area near the gear, print head and ink cartridge, do not move the print head, and do not use volatile liquids such as diluent and gasoline, so as not to accelerate the aging or even damage of the printer housing or other components

2. Cleaning of print head. The current inkjet printer will automatically clean the printing head after it is started up, and the cleaning button for the printing head is set. The printing head can also be cleaned through the print drive option in the computer. The cleaning method is also different according to different models. The thickness of the large trial product is 400 μ M polycarbonate film can be used as a substrate according to the steps in the ink jet printer operation manual

if the problem cannot be solved by using the automatic cleaning function of the printer, it is necessary to manually clean the print nozzle: first remove the print trolley, remove the ink cartridge and cover, and wipe the nozzle with absorbent cotton. Put the nozzle into a small container full of clean water (preferably distilled water), soak it for about eight hours, and then put the ink cartridge into the nozzle to soak it for about three hours. Then fill the medical syringe with clean water without impurities, align it with the ink supply hole on the nozzle, and slowly inject clean water. Remember to be slow. Observe the water flow from the ink outlet on the nozzle. If clean water can be sprayed from each nozzle, it can be determined that the printing nozzle is unblocked. During the cleaning process, the action shall be accurate and the force shall be appropriate. Do not touch the electrical part of the printing car, let alone get wet. If a small amount of water is sprinkled on it, wipe it off with a soft cloth as soon as possible and dry it

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