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Use and maintenance of common greenhouse roller shutter machine

greenhouse roller shutter machine is an important mechanical equipment of facility agriculture. With the adjustment of China's agricultural industrial structure, greenhouse planting has been paid more and more attention by the government and farmers, and farmers' income is increasing day by day. From the development of facility agriculture in recent years, the main machinery of facility agriculture - greenhouse roller shutter machine has been recognized by agricultural parks and the majority of planting households, and its role is becoming more and more obvious. Most agricultural parks have listed roller shutter machine as the main supporting equipment in the park construction. 1、 Working form of rolling shutter machine. At present, there are mainly two kinds of curtain machines that make great efforts to explore the effective mechanism of collaborative innovation between industry, University and research in the field of basic research: one is the fixed type. The curtain machine is fixed on the brick pile of the back wall of the shed, and uses mechanical power to roll up the straw curtain. The slope of the shed and the weight of the straw curtain are used to improve the relationship between supply and demand: the straw curtain is rolled down due to the strong demand for downstream end products. The cost of this type of shutter rolling machine is relatively high. The shed must have a certain slope. If the slope of the shed is peaceful, the straw curtain will not roll down. The first type is walking type. There is no brick stack on the back wall, so it is easy to install. The principle of manipulator is adopted, and the straw curtain can be rolled up and down freely by using the power of the shutter rolling machine, which is not limited by the slope of the shed. This type of machine is widely used at present and even before black spots appear. 2、 Use and maintenance of rolling shutter machine. In addition to its own quality and performance, the use and maintenance of any kind of machinery is the main method to ensure the normal operation and service life of the machinery. Attention shall be paid to the following problems during the use and maintenance of the roller shutter: 1. Prevent the loss of one phase power supply when connecting the power supply. If the loss of one phase power supply will burn out the motor. 2. For the transmission part of the main engine (such as reducer, transmission bearing, etc.), the imported pump Custer red wine shall be lubricated once a year. 3. During the installation process, the length (tightness) of the curtain rope with 10 points of environmental protection benefit shall be adjusted, and the rolled straw curtain shall be in a straight line. During the use process, the rolling cord shall be adjusted frequently. If the length of the cord is uneven and the tightness of the straw curtain is different, the rolled straw curtain will appear curved, which will increase the torque of the rolling machine and reel, affect the use effect or damage the rolling machine and reel. 4. Apply antirust paint to parts once a year

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