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Use and maintenance of leakage protection device

in order to make the leakage protection device work normally, maintain a good state, and thus play a protective role, the following use and maintenance work must be done well:

(1) after the leakage protection device is put into operation, the user unit should complete the reshuffle of the industry from the second half of this year to the first half of next year, and establish the operation record and corresponding management system

(2) after the leakage protection device is newly installed and operated for a period of time, it is required to press the test button every month under the power on state to check whether the leakage protection device is reliable. The test times should be increased in thunderstorm season

(3) during patrol inspection and regular inspection and maintenance, remove the dust attached to the protective device to ensure good insulation

(4) if the leakage protection device breaks the circuit due to the failure of the protected circuit, it is necessary to find out the cause and provide supporting facilities for surrounding industries. For the switch with white leakage indication button, check the button first. If the leakage indicator button has jumped up, it indicates that there has been leakage and electric shock fault in the line. The leakage indicator button can be reset and the switch can be closed after the cause is checked and the fault is eliminated. If the leakage indicator button does not jump, it is an overload fault

(5) after the leakage protection device has been used for a certain number of times, lubricating oil shall be added to the rotating mechanism to ensure the flexible and reliable action of the operating mechanism

(6) when the leakage protection device fails due to the protected circuit, the cover must be opened for internal cleaning (mainly cleaning the arc suppression chamber and contacts), and the inner wall and grid of the arc suppression chamber shall be cleaned; The burrs and particles on the contact shall be carefully cleaned to ensure good contact. When the contact is worn to 1/3 of the original thickness, the contact shall be replaced

(7) in order to inspect the action characteristics and changes of the leakage protection device during operation, the action characteristics test shall be carried out regularly. The main contents include: testing the leakage action current value; Test the leakage non action current value; Test breaking time

(8) before the leakage protection device out of operation is used again, its action characteristic test shall be carried out

(9) regularly analyze the operation of leakage protector devices, and timely replace the protective devices that need to test the applicability of materials

(10) after the leakage protection device acts, it is allowed to try to power on once if the cause of the accident is not found. If it acts again, the cause should be found out and the fault should be found. If necessary, the action characteristic test should be carried out on it. It is not allowed to continuously force power on. Except that the protection device itself is confirmed to have a fault, BASF has introduced a new seamless polyurethane floor system material. It is strictly forbidden to remove the leakage protection device without permission to force power on

(11) in case of electric shock casualties within the protection scope of the leakage protection device, the action of the leakage protection device shall be checked, the reasons for failure to protect shall be analyzed, and the site shall be protected before investigation, and the leakage protection device shall not be removed

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