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For working-class consumers, who account for the vast majority of citizens, the capital is limited. The more they spend on the first phase and monthly supply of house purchase, the budget for later decoration can only be further reduced. However, whether the home decoration is appropriate or not is directly related to the use quality of the house and the feeling of life every day. So, how much is the most suitable decoration? How can we do the most with the least cost? What can be omitted and what cannot be dealt with? Among them, there are many articles to do. The author believes that as long as you master the know-how, smart decoration is not difficult

before starting decoration, you should first determine your decoration plan, and the most important item is the cost budget. On various home furnishing websites, you can often see articles such as 120000 sets of 90 Ping Barbie houses, 80000 renovations of old houses over 30 Ping, 65000 sets of 73 Ping small houses, 330000 sets of 158 Ping romantic duplex. The ratio of decoration expenses to housing area is high or low, which makes many people confused. How much is it reasonable to spend

first, leave room for modern and simple decoration style

European, American, Chinese, pastoral, Mediterranean, Southeast Asian style, mix and match &hellip& hellip; These are terms we are familiar with, and we have won the favor of many owners, especially female owners, with our distinctive personality. But aside from the European style calm atmosphere, it is more suitable for villas and mansions. In Shenzhen, modern simplicity is undoubtedly the best choice for small and medium-sized family decoration. This is not only because of the warm and humid climate in Shenzhen, but also because the local people have a fast pace of life, and the space is suitable for practicality and practice. The more important factor is that the modern simple style is the most economical and cost-effective

the distinctive home decoration style requires special planning on hard decoration, adding circular and arc designs. The selection range of soft decoration such as furniture is relatively small, and the average price is relatively high, so the overall project cost is not cheap. Modern simple decoration is much simpler. At present, such building materials and household products on the market also account for the majority, and the price is more attractive

it is worth mentioning that because the modern simple style has good affinity and inclusiveness, if the economic conditions are improved after the owner stays for a period of time, he can completely reshape the space impression by adding soft decorations. A set of flower pattern sofa covers, a warm and soft curtain, a set of colorful bedding, several pillows, a table flag, table cloth or a blanket &hellip& hellip; Because there is space and room left during the initial decoration, there is an opportunity to change and create in the later stage

second, find corresponding partners according to your ability

although Shenzhen is the birthplace of China's interior design, with a number of brand home decoration companies enjoying high popularity in the country, based on the huge demand and consideration of price, small and medium-sized design companies and construction teams still occupy a large market share and are the first choice of many working-class people, especially since the financial crisis in 2008, this momentum is more obvious

for most wage earners with slightly weaker economic strength, the model of designer + decoration team is more attractive in price. There are some such teams active in the decoration forums of major websites. Because of the fast and convenient network communication, they must be subject to the strict supervision of netizens. Therefore, they pay special attention to the shaping of word-of-mouth and image, strictly exercise self-discipline, and can deal with problems in a timely manner. The final project effect is generally satisfactory to the owners. When choosing this type of partner, you need to carefully observe and compare in the early stage, especially check the feedback of previous cases. If you choose the right one, you can really save money and effort

the decoration mode can be divided into full package type (the main materials, auxiliary materials and construction are completed by the decoration company), half package type (the owner purchases the main materials, and the auxiliary materials and construction are completed by the decoration company), and clear package type (the owner purchases the main materials and auxiliary materials, and the decoration company is only responsible for construction). At present, the owners of small and medium-sized households choose more semi contracted ones; The owners of large family luxury houses choose the all inclusive type more; Due to the cumbersome work of clearing the bag, if the owner does not have perfect decoration knowledge and sufficient time and energy, it is usually difficult to achieve good results, so few people choose

third, discern concessions, enjoy discounts and then discount

most small and medium-sized apartment owners choose half a package of decoration, so the purchase of building materials has become a crucial work. In the case of tight funds, whether they can use the least money to buy the most and best products completely depends on the choice of the owners. Affected by the real estate industry, the home furnishing industry hit a low point in 2008. Almost all furniture and building materials manufacturers and stores are keen to hold group buying or preferential activities, hoping to stimulate consumers' desire to buy. Among them, there are many good cases, which have benefited the owners. However, with the proliferation of this method, irrational competition and deception events also occur from time to time. To be a smart consumer, you must cultivate a pair of golden eyes and choose real preferential promotions and group buying activities

some people compare home decoration to a battle, because owners need to invest a lot of money, time and energy. To sum up, if you can master these three methods, integrate all the resources that are beneficial to you, and be a smart consumer, you can not only save a lot of money, but also make the owners more labor-saving




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