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I wanted to finish the decoration of my new house before the new year, but I met an unreliable contractor. The work was not finished, the money was taken away, and the people were gone. The new house with half of the decoration was left. I was really suffocating. On December 23, Ms. Zhang talked about her decoration experience. In mid November, the new house of phase 2 of Yige style Bay was delivered. Ms. Zhang took the key and began to prepare for decoration. She said: I sent a message in a decoration group, ‘ The 92 square meter house is about 10000 yuan ’. As a result, as soon as the information was sent, many contractors contacted me with the decoration company. A contractor named Wang Hongbin offered 15000 yuan. Ms. Zhang looked honest. After several negotiations, the two sides finally signed the "house decoration contract" at the price of 13000 yuan. On December 23, the reporter saw that the contract was very simple. It only agreed that the decoration period was 25 days, starting on November 23 and completing on December 17. We were also afraid of personal uncertainty. When signing the contract, we took a photo of him and his ID card. After signing the contract, Wang Hongbin asked for an advance of 8000 yuan, but Ms. Zhang refused. We didn't know who we were looking for online. I only gave him 4000 yuan in advance on November 22. Subsequently, cement, sand and other materials came into the house one after another, and the bricklayer also began to work. But a few days later, Wang Hongbin proposed that there was not enough money and he needed to pay another 4000 yuan. On November 26, Ms. Zhang paid another 2000 yuan for materials. Half a month later, the tiles in the kitchen and bathroom were finished. Wang Hongbin also said that the Bricklayer's wages needed to be paid by Ms. Zhang. On December 14, Ms. Zhang paid him 3000 yuan again. So far, Ms. Zhang has paid Wang Hongbin 9000 yuan in total. After Ms. Zhang paid 9000 yuan, she should feed wood and start carpentry, but Wang Hongbin began to find various excuses to postpone the commencement. Every time he called, his attitude was very good, but he never showed up. In two days, he won't answer my phone again. My house is half decorated. Now it's difficult to find someone to pick up work on the way. Isn't this cheating? Wang Hongbin's ID card shows that he was born in 1978 and lives in Chaoyang City. According to the visual inspection, he was about 1.7 meters tall. At that time, we heard that he lived in the workers' new village of the labor park. Later, my wife and I took his picture to look around the neighborhood, but no one knew him. Ms. Zhang said helplessly. On the 23rd, the reporter dialed Wang Hongbin's two mobile phone numbers provided by Ms. Zhang, and both were turned off. Later, Ms. Zhang provided another phone call to the reporter, saying that this person may know Wang Hongbin. The reporter dialed the phone and said he wanted to find Wang Hongbin. The other party was a man. He said helplessly: he went to Henan. I'm his water electrician. He still owes me 1000 yuan, and I can't find him. The person said that Wang Hongbin has been working as a decorator in Shenyang for seven or eight years, and has been doing manual work. In the past oneortwo years, he began to work as a contractor himself, but he didn't make much money because of his limited ability. This time he ran because he really had no money and couldn't work. Ms. Zhang really couldn't swallow this tone, so she called the police, but the police said that this situation was a contract dispute, and the loss could only be recovered through prosecution. On the 23rd, Tan Deming, a lawyer from Liaoning Dengke law firm, said: the definition of whether it is a fraud mainly depends on his subjective motivation. If the other party signs a contract for the purpose of swindling money, it is a fraud. If he did half the work and found that he lost money or other reasons and didn't do it halfway, it was a contract dispute. The parties can only sue to the court





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