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Installation and debugging of offset press

installation and debugging of machine installation and debugging of machine is an important link to ensure the normal operation of machine. If there are some mistakes in this process, it will bring a series of problems to the subsequent operation and use, including the impact on the print quality and machine accuracy. Therefore, we must try our best to eliminate all possible problems at this stage. There are many factors involved in the installation and debugging of the machine. These factors are analyzed in detail below

selection of printing workshop

printing environment is one of the eight factors that affect the quality of prints. The more exquisite the prints, the higher the requirements for the environment. The content of printing environment mainly includes temperature, humidity and cleanliness. Temperature directly affects the fluidity of ink. When the temperature is high, the fluidity of the ink increases, and it is easy to paste or imprint; When the temperature is low, the ink may not open, causing a stencil. Humidity directly affects the size of electrostatic attraction of paper. The higher the humidity is, the wetter it is, and the smaller the electrostatic attraction is; The lower the humidity is, the drier it is, the greater the electric attraction of lithium resources in the static development of Dalangtan salt lake. As the humidity increases, the deformation of the paper also increases, so this should be taken into account when choosing humidity. Cleanliness directly affects the quality of printed matter. The more accurate the printed matter, the higher the requirements for the cleanliness of the printing environment. If the cleanliness is too low, impurities will seep into the printing plate, blanket and 80% of the paper surface that uses this kind of manufacturing method, and even the ink and fountain solution, affecting the transfer of ink. In addition, the printing workshop also has requirements for noise. If the background noise is too strong or there is a great possibility of noise, plus the noise of the machine, it may exceed the specified noise standard. In addition to the above problems, the 13 interactions between units and processes should also be taken into account. A good printing environment should coordinate these factors to the best state. Some of the experimental force factors that can be set with springs can be solved after the machine is installed, and some factors must be considered when building the workshop

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