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Sri Lanka: Inspiration from packing boxes left in the store

most people visiting Sri Lanka will go to a house in Colombo called the current freight rate from Indonesia to southern China is 2.5 (3) 5 dollars/ton (70000 tons); (4) USD/ton (50.6 million tons) "barefoot house" stores go shopping, because there are not only a wide range of goods, many grades, but also reasonable prices. This shop is like a clothing supermarket. Its customers include both overseas tourists and local residents. Its business is very prosperous, and it is crowded every day. According to the host, when I was in Colombo with my companions this time, I also went to this store to buy things. But when making payment at the outlet of the store, I found a very unique method: there is a large box next to the cash register. When I calculate your account, the cashier will ask you whether you want the outer packing box of the clothes. If not, they will remove the packing box on the spot and put it in the large box, and wrap your clothes and put them in the handbag for you. Due to the large passenger flow, a box will be filled in a moment

in fact, this is a very clever method, which can be said to kill more with one stone. Most people who travel abroad will not spare their boxes. Most of the things they buy back will throw away the outer packaging. If there is no special reason, you will not take home a paper box that has established a low, medium and high-level hierarchy. Clothes are packed in boxes, which gives people a noble spirit. They are put on shelves and attract attention, but people who buy clothes will never buy clothes because the paper box is good. Before going out, customers voluntarily leave the packaging, which makes it convenient for customers to carry, saves the pain of handling, and does not cause more garbage in restaurants. At the same time, this package will not be damaged if it is left behind before going out. The store will send it back to the factory, and it can naturally be reused. Large materials are the foundation of industrial development, which reduces costs, waste and garbage. Doing so is good for shops, customers and society

like Sri Lanka, we are all third world countries. The originally scarce resources should be cherished and measures should be taken to make effective and rational use of resources. In recent years, people's lives have improved, there are more things to pay attention to, and there are more places to waste, and even turn a blind eye and be insensitive. Sometimes, I know it's a waste, but I have no choice but to let it go. For example, the recent concern about the excessive luxury packaging of moon cakes is a prominent example. Around the Mid Autumn Festival, you can see a large number of moon cake boxes are thrown into the garbage, including paper, wood, metal and plastic. It has luxurious appearance printing and exquisite silk lining. The four moon cakes inside have to be packed in special packaging, and they have to be decorated with bronzed or even gold foil. Everyone knows that except for those moon cakes, they all have to be thrown away. Most businesses can sell and earn money back; Buy a gift, as long as people accept it, they will feel at ease. Who will consider the problems brought by these packaging to society. I'm not against necessary packaging, but I'm against unnecessary packaging, even more against excessive packaging, and I hate those who earn money by buying packaging. A few days ago, a friend gave me a box of dried abalone. The box is about 40 cm long, 30 cm wide and 10 cm thick. It is printed with the words of exquisite gifts, which is very eye-catching. When I opened the box, there were only four round abalone slices with a diameter of less than 10 cm and a thickness of less than half a centimeter, and the rest were filled with large plastic foam with light shielding materials in the outer layer. It's really ironic

in recent years, sustainable development is very fashionable. From time to time, we can see on various advertisements that big slogans on the streets are also very eye-catching. I'm afraid the most important thing is reflected in action. Maybe the practice of this clothing store in Sri Lanka has given us some useful enlightenment

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