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The Enlightenment of foreign packaging ideas

modern packaging design is completely dependent on the development of modern industrial society. It is an ideology of modern commercial society and the ecology of modern society. The formation and development of packaging in Europe and the United States are formed by the high development of commodity economy and substantial changes in material life caused by the industrial revolution in Europe and the United States, as well as the concept of large circulation required for expansion to the world. European and American packaging and its concept depend on their own economic form, lifestyle and consumption mode, and become a "form of accumulated content", which constitutes the inherent pattern and face of European and American packaging, the mode of one continuous line, and the rationality and aesthetic value they recognize. Hegel said that "beauty is the perceptual embodiment of ideas", and the form of European and American packaging is to reflect the concept of European and American packaging

pragmatic packaging

European and American packaging has always given people a pragmatic impression. Packaging for protection, packaging for storage, packaging for display, packaging for classification - in the final analysis, packaging for sales. The purpose of commodities is to sell them. Of course, the packaging is to "make wedding clothes" for them. From the early packaging, the packaging design published in the old magazine 70 years ago to the recent packaging design has the design that faithfully reflects the connotation and directly conveys the internal quality of the goods. From the hand lotion packaging at the beginning of the last century to the pet cat food packaging in recent years, they can be called vernacular packaging. However, the cry is still beautiful, and there is a sense of continuity in form. Fully convey what you want to say in visual form, and really tell you, even the expression of words, just like coca cola clearly highlights the name of goods. Many goods use prominent letters to convey information, of course, these are carefully designed. The transmission level of packaging information is very clear and rational, such as product name, brand, additional terms, capacity, enterprise name, etc. rational outburst can also give the first information in two spaces. The physical image has generous and appropriate arrangements. The correct transmission of information should be the basic concept of European and American packaging. Rigorous standardization is the other side of European and American packaging. Due to the early development of industry and commerce, it is found that various rules of the game are needed in the long-term development process. Therefore, both advertising and packaging have thoughtful legislative norms. There are fully detailed instructions and verification data on many packages, and false and untrue words are not allowed. Due to excessive caution to consumers, many oriental people cannot understand the situation. For example, someone wrote an article about the warning words of American packaging, for example:

description of a certain children's cough syrup: "do not drive a car or start a machine after taking it."

write "please thaw and eat" on some refrigerated vegetables

description of a hair dryer: do not use it during sleep

the package of a kitchen knife says, "please do not use it for other purposes"

write on the bag of roasted peanuts: "warning: it contains nuts, please keep away from young children"

readers in Hong Kong who are familiar with American life made corrections and believed that these warnings are warnings aimed at adults, especially children, in accordance with legal provisions, in line with the original wish of child protection legislation, and play a useful role. According to the newspaper, African people took traditional Chinese medicine and swallowed shell wax pills by mistake because the package did not indicate that the shell wax pills should be stripped, resulting in disputes. It can be seen that the standardization of packaging design is important, especially today when the economy is moving towards international integration

as the form and intermediary of all commodities, comprehensive legislation and rigorous standardization are very necessary, which is the basic positioning of safeguarding the interests of consumers and product packaging. Consumer awareness and protection of consumer interests are the basic principles of packaging concept, which is also the selling point of European and American packaging

pay attention to the development of visual language and study the transfer of graphic symbols

packaging is a kind of visual communication design. As the abstraction of visual language, the development and transformation of graphics and symbols has always been a big topic. Abstraction is a kind of concentration and typicality, and abstraction is greater than reality. Graphics and symbols are endless design elements and modern design elements. The impact and penetration of excellent and successful design are derived from the visual language composed of modern graphics and symbols. In addition to a large part of the inherent styles with old models and cumbersome forms, European and American packaging all pay great attention to the research of graphics and symbols, which leads to some generous and concise design works, and there are also many successful works of this kind of design. It is significant that no matter how the development of European and American packaging, there are always obvious differences and differences from Oriental packaging. National temperament is something in the bone, which will always be shown in a certain form. The key is to excavate the essence of the best national temperament

today's society has entered the digital age, digital has become the application language of high technology, digital technology has spread across all fields of life, and the way of information exchange in life is evolving and producing qualitative evolution. As a new visual language, graphics and symbols will inevitably penetrate into life. European and American packaging has made a useful attempt in this regard. Whether concrete or abstract, it should be examined and studied as a language in visual transmission design

cis establishes brand awareness as a packaging image

the overall planning concept of CIS corporate image was formed in the United States in the late 1960s, and gradually spread across Europe, America and Japan. It was officially established in the 1970s, and has a great impact on the packaging design concept. It has become a fashion to reflect corporate image and brand awareness on packaging, and packaging has become a window to show CIS strategy, which has been well reflected in European and American packaging. The formation of CIS is completely a reform of a historical stage. Packaging has new ideas and forms. Packaging is no longer an isolated part of the whole. Packaging is not only sales, but also gives enterprise culture and enterprise spirit. Enterprises and consumers are not only a commodity relationship, but also have a deeper affinity. On the packaging of some famous brand goods, the product name has more ponderable consciousness, and the attractive advertising language and symbolic special colors have been added. For example, the packaging design of Kodak, Coca Cola and Nestle reflects the overall strategy of CIS that infiltrates all levels of society and leaves a mark. Compared with traditional packaging, these packaging have made a qualitative leap. What packaging contains is not only a product, but also the overall concept, which has become the mainstream of packaging in the period

entry of high-tech

due to the considerable development of European and American industries, the popularity and application of high-tech are very deep and extensive. With the trend of high-speed economic development, it has entered the stage of knowledge economy. With the rapid development of computer industry and information industry, a large number of high-tech software development, design and printing have entered a new era. Several years ago, compared with Europe and the United States entering the computer age, our printing and design are still in the stage of slash and burn. The backwardness of hand-painted design drafts, typesetting, and black-and-white drawings will inevitably affect the great progress of design. Advanced computer technology has increased the infinite possibilities of European and American packaging design, reduced the limitations, and strengthened the normative environmental noise standard GB 3096 (9) 3 for urban areas

the invention, input and application of bar code is also an epoch-making progress in packaging, making packaging enter supermarkets to adapt to a larger market. The application of anti-counterfeiting marks and the latest anti-counterfeiting technology, together with the superb technology of special printing technology and special process means, are the strengths of European and American packaging

the program and style of packaging design in Europe and America

the program is the freedom of law. It should be said that the eastern countries have more procedures from art to life, while the western countries have less constraints of the traditional framework and less procedures. However, it can't be said that there is no program, and any historical accumulation will produce programs. European and American packaging has its continuous models and programs. However, due to the development of western national temperament processing high-tech, it is easier for them to abandon programs. Generally speaking, European and American packaging has a magnanimous, rigorous, magnificent and masculine style. The visual scale (a feeling) is larger than that of Oriental packaging, and the arrangement has a sense of decency. It is a design that cuts people from the front. It pays attention to the large pattern, less dexterity, less sensibility and more rationality. Limited to space, this paper will not make a specific analysis. However, if you look carefully at the flags of western countries, you will find that the typical style of a country is that there is no lack of cumbersome packaging like the Star Spangled Banner in the United States, and there is no lack of strict to almost rigid packaging design like the tricolor flag in Germany

Author: Chu Feihong

source: China's food industry

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