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Installation and maintenance of blanket

in addition to the accidents such as wrapping paper, breaking paper and crushing the blanket, another main reason is that the blanket is not padded properly after being crushed

1. Cutting should be standardized

the cutting quality of blanket is the key to the printing quality. Because the blanket used in yp4787 does not have the finished product directly processed by the manufacturer, it is necessary for us to measure the size of blanket when cutting, the four corners must be vertical, the plywood cannot be installed in place, the tightness of screws, etc

2. Installation of rubber blanket

when installing screws, adhere to the principle of first in the middle and then on both sides Don't tighten it at one time, and use even force to avoid water ingress during printing when one end is loose and the other is tight, which will increase the thickness of the blanket, change the printing pressure, and affect the quality of the print

3. The rubber blanket should be standardized

when the rubber blanket is padded, the slight indentation can be restored with "benzene". For the heavily pressed parts, the method of padding is usually used. When patching the rubber blanket, the position of patching should be drawn first, and this position must be accurate. Usually, remove the blanket and draw the position that needs to be padded with a pen. You can choose paper of different thickness according to the weight of the blanket. It is best to pad one layer or two layers The less grease is used, the better. It's best to scrape it gently with your hand after applying grease to make the thickness of grease as thin as possible. If the padding paper is not standardized, the printing pressure will be changed and the product quality will be affected

4. Cleaning of blanket

during the printing process, the blanket should be washed frequently, especially when printing the printed matter with high requirements for printing quality, the ink, paper wool, paper powder and other impurities accumulated on its surface should be carefully removed every time. Otherwise, these impurities accumulate on the surface of the blanket, and the printing pressure will change, which will affect the quality of the printed matter

because the paper used for printing newspapers is different, some paper powder is more, and there is a thick layer on the blanket after printing. At this time, pay more attention to cleaning the rubber, and the indication error caused by it is negative; Its characteristic is that the relative error of each level of dial decreases with the increase of load, so as to avoid the paper wool sticking to the printed matter and affecting the quality

5. Maintenance of rubber blanket

rubber blanket will age to a certain extent after being used for a period of time. If there is a substitute blanket, it is best to remove the blanket every half a month or one month, wipe the surface with "benzene", apply fossil powder to dry, and use it in turn after one cycle, so as to improve the transfer performance and effective utilization rate of the blanket

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