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Installation and acceptance management of tower crane

tower crane is one of the most important construction machinery in construction engineering. Due to its high and upright, complex structure, difficult installation, special construction tasks and other characteristics, the safety of tower crane is particularly important. A little carelessness is very easy to cause a group of fatal accidents. In recent years, there have been several tower collapse accidents in Shenzhen. In particular, the construction of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone has been more than 20 years, and the safety problems caused by the quality of the tower crane itself are worrying, while the phenomenon of illegal operation, blind and reckless installation, jacking and section addition, use and demolition is still happening. In the future, only 35 influential trading platforms may occur. Therefore, strengthening the installation and acceptance management of tower crane and preventing the occurrence of tower crane safety accidents are an important part of our daily safety management work

regulations on construction safety supervision and management methods of vertical transportation equipment talk about the safety management of tower crane installation and acceptance and other related contents

I. strictly implement the registration and filing system of tower crane. The tower crane and other vertical transportation equipment owned or newly purchased by the construction unit shall be reported to the safety supervision department for registration as soon as possible. Tower cranes without production license, product certificate, rough manufacture and poor quality are strictly prohibited from entering the construction site for installation and use, and tower cranes without registration and filing are not allowed to be used on the construction site

II. Strictly implement the annual technical inspection and inspection system of tower crane. The phase 1 project of taguotai Xinhua coal based fine chemical circular economy industrial park is located in Xinjiang Zhundong economic and Technological Development Zone. The vertical transportation equipment such as machinery must be tested every year and after each new installation, which must be carried out by units with corresponding qualifications. The tower crane that fails to pass the test must be shut down for rectification. It can be reused only after passing the re test. It is forbidden to operate the tower crane with faults and hidden dangers

III. The installation and disassembly of tower cranes must be carried out by qualified teams, and there must be relatively fixed management institutions and disassembly and assembly operators. Special operators engaged in disassembly and assembly operations and equipment operations must hold operation certificates and safety work permits. Teams and personnel without disassembly and assembly records are prohibited from engaging in tower crane disassembly and assembly and equipment operations

IV. scientific, detailed and feasible construction schemes shall be formulated according to the characteristics of the tower crane and the on-site operation conditions before the installation (including jacking and sectioning) and disassembly of the tower crane, including: preparation basis, staffing, hoisting machinery and rigging, foundation and wall design (with plan and elevation), ground anchors and embedded parts setting, installation steps, jacking and sectioning procedures, safety protection measures, etc, If necessary, add specific requirements for the balance of the lifting arm and balance arm during the jacking process, and reliable measures for prohibiting slewing operation

v. after installation, the tower crane can be put into use only after passing the on-site commissioning and acceptance. The acceptance of tower crane shall be jointly carried out by the equipment department, safety department, assembly and disassembly team and engineering project of the construction unit, and shall be checked and accepted item by item in strict accordance with the contents of the acceptance sheet. At the same time, the three guarantee period of equipment is one year from the date of formal delivery. Technical inspection, no-load test and load test shall be carried out to ensure the safe use of the tower crane

VI. establish a sound equipment management system, equipment maintenance system, operation and maintenance registration and statistics system, and equipment scrapping system. For the Tower Crane put into construction, it is necessary to strictly carry out the pre shift inspection, safe operation, regular and irregular maintenance, special safety inspection, etc. of the tower crane, and do a good job in the maintenance work before the installation of the tower crane, especially the key and critical parts such as steel structure, lifting, luffing and slewing mechanisms, hydraulic jacking system, torque, weight limiter, steel wire rope, pulley and sling, so as to ensure the good performance of the tower crane, Carry out construction without faults and hidden dangers

VII. Implement the post system of "fixed person, fixed machine and fixed post" centered on the captain responsibility system, and the names of relevant post personnel should be indicated on the tower crane signs. The driver and commander shall receive special training and obtain the operation certificate and the full work license for the installation of special materials for functional food packaging, so as to ensure the accurate signal and command in place during the operation of the tower crane. Strictly implement the safety technical operation procedures of the tower crane and the principle of "ten no hoisting", and it is strictly prohibited to command and operate against rules

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