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Inspiration of Ferrari Porsche innovation to the printing industry

all industries are facing the competitive pressure of homogenization, not only in the printing industry, but also in the super sports car you dream of. What enlightenment does the transformation of Porsche and Ferrari bring to the printing industry

in the 21st century, it is not only the printing industry that needs new changes for a long time. Even an enviable industry such as running a supercar brand has to rush forward in the face of the drastic market changes in the new era

in 2002, Porsche, a super brand with German descent, took over from the second generation, changed its market strategy, and used the rich brand resources of the original Porsche to successively launch the Cayenne sports SUV and Panamera four door coupe, breaking the traditional image of the Porsche supercar, but breaking the cocoon of a niche market with an annual sales volume of less than 40000, In 2012, a new sales scale of more than 140000 vehicles was set. It is praised by business magazines as the most successful super brand transformation in history

Porsche, which has successfully transformed its profitability, dominates the global automotive industry and once planned to acquire Fuchs group, Europe's largest automaker. The Economist magazine described Porsche as a snake devouring an elephant

after Porsche demonstrated the model of supercar brand transformation, Bently, a luxury and gorgeous RV in the UK, announced a few months ago that it would launch a sports SUV in 2015; Maserati, an Italian Super brand that demands performance, launched lavante SUV in 2012 and targeted its four door RV at the double-B RV market. Lamborghini built 1711 supercars by 833 employees in 2011, and plans to launch SUVs

in order to survive and compete, these super sports cars all learn from Porsche, lay down their bodies, and walk down from the altar of super sports cars. We see that the Cayenne running all over the street is soon more than the domestic printing press, and we feel closer and closer, and the super charm of porsche911 is gradually blurred

in February this year, brandfinance, a British brand consultant, released a global brand rating, which carried out a comprehensive evaluation of the world's top 500 well-known enterprises. Ferrari ranked among the world's most influential brands, including the company's net profit, the public's feelings for the brand and customer loyalty. Compared with Google, Hermes and other well-known brands, energy saving and material saving have become the key brands concerned by the extrusion processing industry

why Ferrari

when Ferrari chairman Montezemolo entertained the media of more than 30 countries in Maranello (Maranello Ferrari factory location) this year, he stressed that Ferrari will not have more than 7000 new cars in 2013 (7318 were sold last year, of which nearly 500 were delivered in China). As a result, the major automotive media in Europe have treated Ferrari's production reduction this year as a headline. Instead of dancing with the supercar factories, Ferrari reduced production in the opposite way, giving us a lesson on how to face industrial competition

according to BusinessWeek, Ferrari's annual turnover of plastic machinery and the number of new car sales hit a 66 year high in 2012. Ferrari car factory accounts for less than 0.2% of the Feiyate Chrysler Group, which it belongs to, but it is the source of nearly 20% of the group's profits. Production reduction is actually Ferrari's unique marketing strategy to publicize its super run brand

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