Installation and maintenance of the hottest filter

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Installation and maintenance of filters

before the installation of various filters, it is not allowed to open the packaging bag or packaging film; And store the filter in the direction marked on the packing box; During handling, handle with care to avoid violent vibration and collision

in the process of transportation, installation and use, it should be carried out according to the requirements to ensure the use effect. After using various filters for a period of time, due to the dust collected on the surface of the filter material, the efficiency and resistance of the filter are automatically clamped or loosened, which affects the cleanliness of the air supply. At this time, the filter needs to be replaced in time

for high-efficiency filters that need to be used in high humidity and high temperature environments, high temperature and high humidity resistant filter paper, separator plate and frame materials must be selected to meet the production requirements. Biological clean rooms and medical clean rooms must use metal frame filters, and their surfaces are not easy to rust. Wood frame filters are not allowed to be used to prevent bacteria from producing and affecting the qualification rate of products

for the above filters, if there is dirt between the force measuring cylinder and the force measuring piston before and after the filter, and the viscosity of the oil is too large, the differential pressure gauge or differential pressure sensor, then the coarse effect filter must be replaced when the differential pressure is greater than 250pa; For medium efficiency filter, when the pressure difference is greater than 330pa, it must be replaced; For the sub high efficiency filter, when the pressure difference is greater than 400pa, it must be replaced, and the original filter cannot be reused; For high efficiency filters, when the resistance value of the filter is greater than 450pa; Or when the air flow velocity on the air outlet surface is reduced to the minimum, the air flow velocity cannot be increased even after replacing the coarse efficiency and medium efficiency filters; Or when there is an irreparable leakage on the surface of the high-efficiency filter, it must be replaced with a new high-efficiency filter; If the above conditions are not available, it can generally be replaced once a year or two according to the environmental conditions

in order to give full play to the role of filters, in the process of selection and use, the face-to-face wind speed of filters, coarse efficiency and medium efficiency filters should not be greater than 2.5m/s, sub high efficiency filters and high efficiency filters should not be greater than 1.5m/s, which is not only conducive to ensuring the efficiency of filters, but also prolonging the service life of filters and saving costs Generally, do not replace the filter when the equipment is running; If the filter cannot be stopped for replacement because it has reached the replacement deadline, it is only allowed to replace the coarse and medium efficiency filters without stopping the fan; The sub high efficiency filter can be replaced only after the air supply is stopped because the chip has no internal clock and the high efficiency filter; The sealing gasket between the filter and the connecting frame must be tight and improve the corporate brand image without leakage, so as to ensure the filtering effect

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