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Luosheng prize solicitation service trademark enlightenment

Luosheng enterprise was founded in 1984 and is a large transmission control integration service provider in Asia. Headquartered in Taipei, China, the group has subsidiaries in Tianjin, Hong Kong and Singapore. More than 20 direct selling offices, hundreds of distribution agencies and many partners in other parts of Asia in the mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore have basically formed a sales and service network covering the whole Asian region

Founded in 1993, Tianjin Luosheng Enterprise Co., Ltd., a subsidiary, is located in Tianjin Binhai Development New Area --- airport logistics processing zone. The plant covers an area of 23000 square meters. It is a comprehensive integrated service enterprise integrating solutions, procurement, processing, warehousing, logistics, sales and after-sales. The service fields include machinery manufacturing, factory automation, aviation/aerospace, electric power, metallurgy, petrochemical, medical and other fields

After long-term honest service, Tianjin Luosheng has established close cooperative relations with many world-renowned manufacturers and users, and has become a high-speed channel for the domestic manufacturing industry to introduce advanced technology and products. Gb/t 6188 (2) 000 inner hexagonal flower shape for bolts and screws serves users distributed all over the country quickly and closely, and has set up more than a dozen sales and service branches and dozens of dealers; In order to provide high-level and professional services to mechanical equipment supporting manufacturers, various special service product divisions have been set up; In order to comprehensively and systematically serve users in various industries, a system engineering department has been established; Provide all-round and high-level integrated services to all kinds of users in different ways. At present, the supply of transmission control products can be repeatedly melted and reprocessed, and the technology and service center are developing at a high speed

"servedby Luosheng (Luosheng service)" has won the trust of customers, "servedby Luosheng" has become a service mark recognized by the industry. In order to establish the brand logo of Luosheng service, Luosheng has a wide variety of services and decided to collect service trademarks nationwide

I. service trademark design requirements and precautions

1. The service trademark is designed with color patterns/black-and-white patterns, which have certain composition rules. The patterns are clear and smooth, the colors are concise and generous, the meaning is appropriate, and the visual impact is strong. It is impressive and can reflect the concept and concept of Luosheng's perfect service. The patterns should contain Concise Chinese and English "serveby Luosheng" logo

2. The design should be independent creativity, and the submitted design schemes are original and have not been published publicly, without plagiarism, imitation and other infringements

3. Each piece of work should be attached with a description of creativity and patterns within 500 words

4. The application draft is 300dpia4 electronic vector map or printed copy of the same quality, and the printed drawing requires 3 copies of color and 3 copies of black and white

II. Selection and reward methods

1. After the deadline for solicitation, Tianjin Luosheng Enterprise Co., Ltd. will organize an expert group to conduct a preliminary review of all the entries, select the design scheme of the shortlisted logo, and evaluate the shortlisted works. The award setting:

a winning award, with a prize of 5000 yuan

the first prize is one item, and the standard requirement of 1000 experimental machine is relatively strict yuan

ten shortlisted awards, with a bonus of 300 yuan

several commemorative awards and a beautiful souvenir

2. The selection results will be announced in Luosheng station: and related industry stations

III. submission requirements

1. Please send your contributions to sales@

2. Please send them by mail to: Zhang Jianzhong, Tianjin Luosheng Enterprise Co., Ltd., No. 3, Xishi Road, Tianjin Airport Logistics Processing Zone, zip code 300308, please indicate the words "service trademark submission"

3. Deadline for contributions: March 18, 2007

IV. special statement

1. Designer's identity Description: use an independent A4 paper to explain the designer's name, occupation, ID number and contact information in writing, but it shall not appear in the design drawings

2. All submitted works shall not infringe the intellectual property rights of others. Once found, they will be disqualified and their real names will be announced on the website. If the bonus has been paid, it will be recovered in full. All laws arising therefrom shall be borne by the contributors

3. All contributors must use their real names, otherwise they will not be able to receive bonuses

4. After paying the prize, the copyright, ownership and modification right of the winning works will permanently belong to Tianjin Luosheng Enterprise Co., Ltd

5. All contributions will not be returned. Please keep the final draft by yourself. Please understand

v. contact information

Tianjin Luosheng Enterprise Co., Ltd. contact: Zhang Jianzhong, Zhang Lingling



email: sales@

VI. contributors can refer to the relevant information of the following stations:

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