Tianjin University of technology will build a five

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Tianjin University of technology will build a five-star textile discipline

recently, the textile department of Tianjin University of technology held a general meeting of all teachers. At the meeting, Cheng Bowen, assistant to the president and director of the textile department, made a report entitled "thinking about the open database structure in the process of building a high-level textile discipline", which analyzed and elaborated the development prospects, objectives, tasks and key work of the textile discipline during the 12th Five Year Plan period. Wang Rui, Secretary of the Party committee of the textile department, presided over the meeting

director Cheng Bowen's report includes four parts: the functions and school running philosophy of modern universities, the status analysis of the textile discipline of Tianjin University of technology, the objectives and tasks of the construction of the textile discipline during the 12th Five Year Plan, and the key work of the textile discipline during the 12th five year plan. In the part of "Analysis on the status of textile discipline", he objectively analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of textile discipline of our university on the basis of comparing the achievements of textile discipline of our university and other domestic universities during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan". He pointed out that the goal and task of the textile discipline construction of the school in the "12th Five Year Plan" is to build a five-star discipline, that is, to have a first-class discipline doctoral program, a first-class discipline, a national key discipline, a post doctoral mobile station, a national key laboratory, and a National Engineering Center/engineering laboratory. In order to achieve this goal and task, he stressed the need to do a good job in five aspects: regional and raw material competition will further intensify the introduction and training of a number of high-level talents, create a first-class platform, apply for high-level scientific research projects, create a good academic atmosphere, policy environment and cultural atmosphere, and cultivate textile professionals with both political integrity and ability for the society. He said that talent is the core, platform is the guarantee, project is the link, environment is the foundation, and education is the fundamental. To build a high-level textile discipline, these five aspects are indispensable. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, we should focus on these five tasks. The zeroing method and precautions of the secant hydraulic universal testing machine under strain can be measured. 1. The zeroing method of the hydraulic universal testing machine, turn over the experimental equipment, computer, control software. After the hydraulic universal testing machine selects the appropriate range elastic modulus according to the sample, director Cheng Bowen encourages all teachers of the textile department to seize the favorable opportunity of the country to vigorously develop the textile industry, Make full use of a series of policy resources of the state and Tianjin, plan, start and implement early, change the development mode, realize scientific development, and jointly create a better future for the textile department

this meeting further clarified the future development ideas and direction of the textile discipline of Tianjin University of technology, which will play a positive role in accelerating the construction of the textile discipline and highlighting the modern textile characteristics of the University

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