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Follow the progress of the times and give e-books a generous hug

at the end of January this year, Andrew Miller, an outstanding British novelist, accepted an interview after winning the Costa prize. In the interview, he said that although he believed that all popular novels could be read on the electronic screen soon, he believed and hoped to still be able to read literary novels in paper version

what does e-book mean to us? Now, it seems to become more practical. Without using paper and taking up any space, we can adjust the size of the font according to the light intensity and personal vision level, and we can also adjust the font according to personal preferences. In the crowded subway, we can complete the page turning action only by flicking our thumbs, and the most important thing is that we pay less

but if we put aside these world factors, we can only talk about the reading experience itself and our experience of intimate contact with these words. When we first came into contact with e-books, we really felt that the various reading habits we developed in the past were no longer applicable. We can no longer easily turn the pages to see where this chapter ends, or discuss whether the protagonist of so and so will die now or in the future. Although the number of pages read is also displayed at the bottom of the reading screen to let you know the approximate progress you have completed, But we no longer have the sense of sureness brought by the weight of physical books

but are these past reading habits essential? As a medium and an art form, what is the most distinctive feature of literary works? Unlike paintings, it is not used to gaze at and appreciate physical pictures of circular arc materials. If the reader's eyesight level is almost the same, the impression it leaves on your senses will be the same. It's not like a sculpture, it's not a handicraft that you can look around and feel. You don't have to travel long distances to read a literary work. You don't have to queue in a long line or crowd, or worry about whether you can get a good position. The difference between it and music art is that you don't have to be around its time limit and enjoy the experience in a fixed time interval

Literary works are composed of words. They can be told or recorded. When used to tell, they will show different flavors because of the speaker's volume, speed and accent. When they are written down, they can be presented in one form or another on any material that makes the hydraulic oil difficult to move. And we can choose to read these words at any speed, choose to interrupt reading frequently

in the final analysis, the literary experience is not the experience brought by stacking those high-grade masterpieces on the bookshelf, but by those words combined in a certain order from beginning to end, The unique experience brought to your mind by Chuanliu's basic construction of yuchengqiu's well-known new material industry innovation center and the globally influential new material R & D and manufacturing highland. Compared with any other art form, it is a pure spiritual material

e-books eliminate all the differences in appearance and weight of the paper books we can hold in our hands, and try to persuade readers not to do anything except reading in the order of writing (when reading e-books, a new page can appear only after the finished page disappears). Compared with paper books, e-books seem to allow us to appreciate the essence of that kind of literary experience more directly. Of course, compared with traditional paper books, it brings a more simple and direct feeling. It is as if the reader has been free from the interference of all external things, and will not be distracted by things outside the text, and will concentrate on enjoying the pleasure brought by the text itself. In this sense, the transformation from paper books to e-books is no different from our past experience of reading illustrative children's books to adult text books. This is a medium for adults

in addition, e-books can also relieve the pressure on transportation. It has a global appeal. It is indestructible (you can't burn e-books). It promises that all books will still exist in paper form and can be purchased at a more reasonable price. All this makes it more and more difficult for us to understand why we can't give such a unique thing a more generous hug

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