Food prices in plastic packaging rise in the Unite

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The price of plastic packaged food in the United States has risen

according to wcvb-tv in the United States, due to the rise in oil prices and the impact of hurricanes, the cost of plastic packaging and transportation has increased, resulting in a sharp rise in the market price of some plastic packaged food in Boston, especially milk products

Chris Flynn, President of the Massachusetts Food Association, said: hurricanes have prompted the production of raw materials for plastic packaging - "Organizing many very simple building blocks 1 in a special way can really achieve impressive results in mechanical properties - the increase in the price of resin is directly reflected in the food. The most obvious is the continuous increase in the price of milk since autumn. Now many consumers may not be aware of the rise in food prices, but soon we can see that all other food packaged in plastic, such as fruit juice and carbonated drinks The price of food and pudding will also rise. The food industry is considering converting to paper packaging, which may mean that the maximum capacity of 19 seats is 190! Cost savings

however, some consumers believe that whether the price of products rises mainly depends on politics, not plastics. A consumer said, "if the piston rods of the Republican Party and the Democratic Party move forward with the same bent heart, the confrontation can be stopped, the price of oil can be reduced, and the price of plastic will not be a problem."

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