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Xuangong company realizes the export of high drive bulldozer parts for the first time

Xuangong company realizes the export of high drive bulldozer parts for the first time

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recently, the export shipment of two 330 HP high drive bulldozers and four 220 HP high drive bulldozers parts of Xuangong company of Hegang group was successfully completed, For the first time, the export of high drive bulldozers was shipped in the form of loose parts, and the export earned foreign exchange of nearly US $1 million

the import and export company began to contact African customers in November 2015. After nearly a year of in-depth negotiation, it received customers to visit the company on the spot, and finally obtained customers' high recognition of the company's products. In September 2016, it successfully signed an export contract for six high drive bulldozers with customers ⑦. The experimental data of the safety belt tension testing machine can be printed again before pressing the reset key. In consideration of transportation costs and local tariffs, long-term customers of passenger and economic cooperation have proposed to ship these high drive bulldozers in bulk and transport them abroad in containers. This batch of export products is the heaviest 37 tons, the whole machine is 7.75 meters long, and the height and width are far beyond the size of the container. In response to the special requirements of customers, the company actively changed the traditional inherent thinking and business model, broke the thinking that high drive bulldozers cannot use container transportation, actively adapted to the market demand, and formulated the bulk shipping plan of high drive bulldozers, When the whole machine is disassembled into seven large parts for packaging experiment, the specific pull rod is clamped into the round jaw of the universal experimental machine and fixed, which overcomes various difficulties in the disassembly process of parts, provides differentiated services for customers, and seizes the market opportunity

in the face of the weak overall market of the construction machinery industry, Xuangong attaches great importance to the establishment of new customer relations, and strives to transplant customer needs into the whole process of product production, so as to truly be customer-centered and negative to customers, and meet customers' personalized customization needs. The successful operation of this project will greatly enhance the market competitiveness of products

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