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Food packaging in rural markets is not cheap enough.

although farmers' lives have indeed been greatly improved compared with those in the past, compared with cities, I'm afraid the gap is growing. In the past two years, when inspecting the rural food market, the Dai County Administration for Industry and Commerce of Shanxi Province found that in many rural food stalls, there are few decent brand foods, let alone famous brand foods. For example, glass has also moved from the original single-1 tension and compression experiment to a variety of experimental characteristic tests. On the glass counter, there are small foods with very simple packaging, such as soda, biscuits, bread, candy, hawthorn, instant noodles, jelly, vermicelli, sugar dots, etc. a bag of "Tangseng meat" (containing carrots inside) for ten cents opens and smells, and a bag of "frozen water" for two cents, The ingredients are pure cold water, saccharin and pigment

looking at the packaging of these small foods, most of them are rough, and some are even damaged and still peddling. The printing of food trademark is vague, and some will get their hands dirty with one touch. Some important marks such as production date and shelf life are placed in the package, and some are printed on the seal, which is difficult to find. During the inspection, it was also found that expired snacks, even those without production date and shelf life, were confiscated by law enforcement officers. Some self-employed owners even said, "don't take them away. Others dare not eat them. My children eat them delicious!" It really makes you laugh and cry

in the inspection, it was also found that nowadays, in the rural market, unpacked food is still very popular for fatigue test (American Standard), such as some cookies, cakes, vinegar, soy sauce and so on. Snack bars are also willing to enter, and farmers are willing to buy, because these foods will not be confiscated in the inspection because of the "shelf life" and so on, and secondly, the packaging is omitted, and farmers are more willing to buy

when law enforcement officers inspected some food processing enterprises and workshops, they also found that in order to make profits and sell well, they often work hard on cheap packaging, because this is a great value. Generally, when using spokes sensors to pack cheap food in "going to the mountains and the countryside" and "delivering goods to the door", both rural canteens and farmers are more willing to accept it. Of course, in cheap packaging, some substandard food will be packaged from time to time, making farmers and consumers inadvertently become "waste eliminators" when they are greedy for cheap. Once the food problem is found, Some shop owners will say: "Many things are sold in the countryside only when they are difficult to sell in the city. In fact, many farmers don't look at the production date and shelf life when buying these foods. They only look at them with their meat eyes and smell them with their nose. As long as they can't see and smell anything wrong, they are willing to buy them, and rarely consider other factors. Besides, how many good things are produced for farmers, and they can sell those famous brand foods in city supermarkets in the countryside Do you move? " If you think about it carefully, the words of the owner of the small shop still have a certain reason

however, this is not all true. During the inspection, it was also found that some high-quality and low-cost soft packaged Baijiu, vinegar, paper packaged biscuits, cakes, etc. are also very popular with farmers. It seems that the packaging design of food sold to rural areas is not enough only for the sake of cheapness, but also for the sake of high quality and low price, which can satisfy farmers and meet the laws and legal requirements of the development of market economy

as far as the current situation is concerned, it is true that high-end food cannot be sold in rural areas, and it is also true that farmers of luxury food packaging do not buy it. But this just shows that farmers are more practical and practical in food packaging. From this perspective, the packaging of food sold to rural areas should focus on "reality" and "effectiveness". It is inconceivable that some manufacturers and businesses, when designing packaging, have to treat cities differently from rural areas in the use of super large container ships, liquefied natural gas (LNG) ships and other high-tech ships, which makes the food packaging between urban and rural areas to some extent divorced from practical significance

it is hoped that food manufacturers and businesses will pay attention to rural food consumption, guide rural food consumption, design and produce food packaging that farmers like, truly change the current situation of farmers' food consumption, and let the rural food market develop in a standardized and orderly manner

source: China Food News

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