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Food for the people ushers in a good development period for agricultural robots

affected by the aging population and urbanization trend, China's rural working population is increasingly losing and decreasing, which makes the development of agricultural robots usher in a broad market prospect. However, in order to achieve good application and development, breakthroughs in technology are needed in the future

as the saying goes, "food is the most important thing for the people". As a basic industry and guarantee industry of economic development, agriculture has always been highly valued by countries. In recent years, China has been actively improving its modern agricultural level by accelerating agricultural mechanization. Among them, the emergence and application of agricultural robots have greatly changed the traditional farming mode and brought new changes to the development of modern agriculture in China

Ouyangming said that since the 1980s, some developed countries have begun to devote themselves to the research and development of agricultural robots, and have successively developed a variety of agricultural production robots, such as grafting, cutting, transplanting and picking. The emergence and application of robots in the agricultural field has brought strong impetus to the development of agricultural automation, precision and intelligence in these countries

compared with developed countries, China's agricultural robots started more than ten years later. Compared with the growing maturity of agricultural robot technology in other countries, China is still in the initial stage in terms of technology research and development, application, high temperature resistance and chemical resistance. Affected by market investment, development speed and robot technology gap, the early development of agricultural robots in China is relatively difficult

however, with the continuous acceleration of automation and urbanization, the research and development scope of agricultural robots in China has made some progress. At the same time, with the rapid development of national economy and science and technology, the state has increased its support for the development of agricultural mechanization. Now, agricultural robots in China have ushered in a good period of development

great market development potential

China is not only a large grain country, but also a large population country. Therefore, China has always maintained a strong demand for grain. Under such circumstances, agricultural robots in China will also have great market development potential

especially at present, under the trend of urbanization and population aging, China's rural youth labor force is constantly losing and decreasing. Recently, although the state has specially set up the "Chinese farmers harvest festival" to reduce some of the pressure and burden on farmers, the number of farmers may still decline further in the future, and the practical significance and importance of mechanized and automated products such as agricultural robots are becoming increasingly prominent

at the same time, the national government also issued a series of documents such as the action plan for the development of agricultural machinery and equipment (), requiring the use of the effective supply capacity of agricultural machinery such as agricultural robots to improve the level of modern agricultural production and promote China's transformation from a large agricultural machinery manufacturing country to a powerful agricultural machinery manufacturing country

local governments also attach great importance to the development and support of agricultural intelligent manufacturing industry. Many places such as Sichuan and Hubei have held national robot competitions, signed agricultural robot related projects, and subsidized local agricultural machinery enterprises to promote the rapid development of their local agriculture and robot industry

under the pressure of the real problem of strong demand for food but lack of labor, the trend of agricultural mechanization has become irreversible, and the market application of agricultural robots has great potential. At the same time, the attention and support of national policies and local governments have also given a shot in the arm to the development of agricultural robots, and the market development prospect of agricultural robots in the future is expected

technical problems need to be solved urgently

however, based on the current development status of agricultural robots in China, but due to the backward technology, effective breakthroughs in technology are needed to achieve the expected development prospects

compared with the vast plains such as the United States, China's terrain is complex, and there are fewer large pieces of land connected into pieces, which puts forward higher requirements for the adaptability of robots, and correspondingly, it is more difficult to land in terms of cost and technology. In this context, the research and development of agricultural robots in China mainly makes breakthroughs in two aspects

one is to develop an agricultural robot similar to a manipulator, which does not need to move and is less limited by terrain, but needs to consider the basic characteristics, mechanical characteristics, physiological characteristics and other factors of the working object; The other is to develop more intelligent agricultural robots, which can walk and work automatically, and need robots with independent path planning, intelligent obstacle avoidance, accurate detection and positioning, and stable system control

whether it's a manipulator that is not affected by the terrain or an intelligent walking agricultural robot, people use a full-phase microscope to inspect metal microstructure robots. Among them, there are technical problems that need Chinese researchers to speed up the breakthrough. Only by overcoming the technical difficulties can we find the best operation method of agricultural robots, a more reasonable robot structure and a lower price in the future, Only in this way can agricultural robots be used more widely

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