Importance of maximum fire analysis pressure test

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Analyzing the importance of pressure test

analyzing the importance of pressure test

with the great development of modernization and automation, China's testing industry has also developed rapidly, which is specifically reflected in the testing items and testing instruments. The author's deepest feeling is the pressure test of cartons and wooden boxes. This kind of test can be said to be common, but how much do you know about the testing essence? The author tries to analyze it. Please correct the deficiencies

we all know that in the process of carton product inspection, when carton users evaluate whether the product is qualified, they often have cognitive deviation and misjudge the product test results. How to correctly judge the product? We say that whether the pressure resistance and stacking test of cartons meet the requirements must be clear about two standards: the inspection status standard and the physical index standard. First of all, for the analysis of inspection status, the following two inspection status of packaging materials are usually adopted in our packaging industry. One is that the temperature and humidity of carton samples are (23.2) ℃, (50.5)% pretreatment for 24h. This status in the automotive, electronic and electrical appliances, machinery, large complete sets of equipment and other industries is based on the standard sn/t inspection procedures for corrugated boxes for transport packaging of export commodities. The other is the test pulp The standard atmosphere for paper and paperboard shall be the relative humidity (502)%, temperature (231) ℃, general paper pretreatment for 4h, thin paper for at least 5 ~ 8h, high volume or other types of paper for at least 48h or longer. The reference standard is gb/t standard atmosphere for post treatment and test of pulp, paper and paperboard samples

when we set the pretreatment for carton test, the purpose was to make the first cured asbestos based brake pad appeared in 1909; In 1968, the fiber structure of each sample was in a balanced and stable state, so that the test results would not be too different to affect the determination of the mechanical properties of the carton. The first pretreatment method shall be used for corrugated boxes

for physical indicators, it mainly refers to the degree of compression resistance. The pressure resistance refers to the maximum compressive yield value achieved by the continuous and uniform pressure on the carton. The decrease of intensity under different atmospheric conditions; The strength of handling and storage is weakened; The strength of load stack decreases with time; When the intensity of transportation vibration and impact is weakened and the atmospheric humidity and logistics conditions are changed above, the box will not collapse or swell and deform, and the protective effect on the packaged goods will not be lost. The test instrument used here is the carton compression tester

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