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The importance and ways of coal mine equipment maintenance

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with the continuous improvement of equipment level, a large number of advanced mechanical and electrical equipment have been widely used in coal mine production. As the saying goes, "the key to carbon production is mechanical and electrical". This sentence vividly illustrates the position and importance of electromechanical work in coal mine production. Only by doing a good job in the maintenance, repair and repair of mechanical and electrical equipment can we ensure its good operation and give full play to its performance and role. The following is a brief description from three aspects

1 new equipment shall be well maintained

the new equipment mentioned here includes newly installed equipment or equipment after overhaul. The first thing to do at this time is to tighten. After the installation and operation of a production shift, the connecting screws at all places should be tightened first, because after the operation of a production shift, the screws at all places have a matching effect, so they will inevitably become loose. After being tightened in time, the necessary connection strength can be guaranteed. If this work is done well, many repairs after overhaul can be avoided. In addition, it should be noted that each performance index is what items need to be tested for steel structure, and what tests are required for steel structure? Whether the specified requirements are met, such as oil pressure, air pressure, current, temperature, etc. if the standards are not met, the reasons must be found out immediately to avoid blindly buying instruments or buying instruments as furnishings for customers to see and solve thoroughly, so as to avoid future problems. Otherwise, if it operates with problems and turns a blind eye to small problems, it will inevitably lead to larger problems and heavy losses

2 detailed inspection and maintenance should be carried out for key parts of the equipment according to the actual situation of the site.

the poor underground production conditions in the coal mine have caused great harm to the equipment. High humidity, high temperature, watering, surrounding rock, corrosive gas and other common phenomena. It is necessary to increase the maintenance of the equipment to create a relatively good environment for the equipment. For example, in case of water drenching on site, the electrical equipment shall be protected to prevent water from entering. At the same time, moisture-proof treatment shall be carried out inside the equipment. Silica gel can be put into the equipment to absorb moisture, and it shall be checked and replaced frequently. When there is rock on the working face or head-on, the connecting parts of the equipment and the mechanical transmission system shall be mainly inspected. It should be noted that the performance parameters of the equipment shall not be adjusted at will, such as pressure, overcurrent protection, leakage protection, etc. otherwise, the normal operation of the equipment will not be guaranteed, because a device is a complete system, and each parameter takes into account the overall performance. There are two points to be explained. One is to focus on vulnerable parts. The other is to improve the equipment and the parts that are not suitable for production

3 for the old equipment, it is necessary to strengthen the maintenance, and prepare sufficient accessories, so that the amount of maintenance is relatively large in case of emergency

it is necessary to distinguish the primary and secondary, and ensure the normal operation of key parts. There is a process for the occurrence of any accident, which can not be ignored by managers at all levels. Accidents must be nipped in the bud. The working conditions of underground coal mine equipment are poor. When we repair the equipment, we should not regard it as a combination of steel and electronic components, but as your comrades in arms, brothers and sisters. Treat him in awe, don't you? In such a harsh environment, he is fighting with nature indomitably. He faithfully and tenaciously executed your orders. He is exhausted and scarred. He is in urgent need of your help. If you are indifferent, he will surely be tired. Just like a man driven by flesh and blood, he is spiritual. If you treat him well, you will naturally get rich returns. Just as helping others is helping yourself 3 The principle of sensory quality is consistent

4 to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, it is necessary to start from the use, maintenance, management and other aspects.

in terms of use, the operator should not only operate according to the regulations, but also be familiar with the performance, parameters and internal structure of the equipment. Otherwise, it will be difficult to use the equipment well. Misoperation is an important reason for damaging the equipment. Therefore, misoperation should be strictly prohibited. The mechanical transmission system is a complete organism, and the motor power is large, The mechanical strength of the transmission mechanism and the load it can drive are carefully designed. For example, in a hydraulic system, the pressure set by the safety valve is the value that can be accepted by all parts of the system. If it is reduced, the system will run without force, reduce the work efficiency, and if it is increased, the impact force on the motor and other parts will increase. If it exceeds the rated value, some parts will be damaged, Such as gears, seals, etc. Similarly, if the temperature of the hydraulic oil is too high, the seal will be heated and the physical and mechanical properties of plastic film, rubber, wire and cable, waterproof coiled material, metal wire and other materials will be softened, resulting in early damage. Therefore, a cooling system should be added until the oil temperature reaches normal

5 in terms of management, the "top leaders" of each grass-roots district team should fully understand the importance of mechanical and electrical work

the "top leaders" have sufficient information and effective control energy. The "top leaders" are a force and a call in themselves. They have great mobilization ability, powerful demonstration effect and important organizational ability. The level by level "top leaders" can often play the role of "four or two pulling the weight". Therefore, as long as the "top leaders" have a correct understanding of the electromechanical work and give full support, Mechanical and electrical work will be carried out smoothly, and various management systems will be easily implemented

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