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Importance of testing tear strength of packaging materials

the friction force in the actual packaging process is often both a drag force and a resistance, so the friction coefficient must be effectively controlled to make it within an appropriate range. For coiled materials for automatic packaging, it is generally required that the inner friction coefficient is relatively small, while the outer friction coefficient is moderate. However, the friction coefficient of the inner layer should not be too small, otherwise it may cause the instability of the stacking during bag making and forming, resulting in misalignment; If the outer friction coefficient is too large, the material will be stretched and deformed due to excessive resistance during the packaging process. If the friction coefficient is too small, the towing machine may slip when unscrewing the oil return valve mechanism, resulting in inaccurate electric eye tracking and cut-off positioning. When studying the friction coefficient of materials, special attention should be paid to the effect of temperature on the friction coefficient. The friction coefficient of the material may increase or decrease significantly with the change of temperature, and may also maintain a certain data stability. Considering that the actual operating temperature of the production line is often not well controlled within the room temperature range, it is difficult for many women to complete this work. Therefore, it is necessary to measure not only the friction coefficient of packaging materials at room temperature, but also the friction coefficient at the actual ambient temperature. To complete this variable temperature test and protect your work, you can change the ambient temperature of the laboratory (it is advisable when the required temperature is not different from the room temperature), or you can use the automatic temperature control function of the testing equipment

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