Import tariff of printing equipment in 2005

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Import tariff of printing equipment in 2005

1. Approval procedures for imported offset printing machines

according to the provisions of Announcement No. 94 "catalogue of mechanical and electrical products with automatic import license in 2005" issued by the Ministry of Commerce and the General Administration of customs, the management mode of imported offset printing machines has changed as follows. Over the years, imported offset printing machines have been managed according to specific products, and their import licenses have been issued by the mechanical and electrical products import and export office of the former Ministry of foreign trade and Economic Cooperation (now the Ministry of Commerce). Now they are managed according to automatic import license products, which are managed by provinces, autonomous regions Issued by municipalities directly under the central government and relevant ministries and commissions under the State Council. In this way, the approval procedures are simplified and the enterprise is convenient

2. Taxation on imported offset printing machines

at present, the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of finance have not issued new policies and regulations on first-rate services, so they are still implemented in accordance with the provisions of the catalogue of industries, products and technologies encouraged by the state in 2000. In other words, the problem of "white pollution" at the import speed of 150 has had a serious impact on the ecological environment. 00 sheet fed offset presses and 60000 web offset presses can still apply for tariff reduction and value-added tax relief. However, it should be noted that the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of finance will issue new policies this year

3. About the import of second-hand equipment

the import of second-hand goods is still carried out in accordance with the provisions of the catalogue of non tax exempt imported goods for domestic investment projects (GSH [2000] No. 620) issued by the General Administration of customs and the notice on the connection between the clamping case and the handling of import license for the import of high temperature tensile testing machines for used mechanical and electrical products (AQSIQ and the general office of the Ministry of Commerce) jointly issued by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China (2003] No. 279). Generally speaking, it is subject to examination and approval at all levels, multi-party checks, strict control and no tax exemption

4. About the import of printing equipment by foreign-funded enterprises

On December 10, 2004, the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Commerce jointly issued the new catalogue for the guidance of foreign investment industries. There is no change between the relevant printing parts of the catalogue and the catalogue issued in 2002. The foreign-invested printing industry still belongs to the restricted catalogue, so the imported printing equipment for self use cannot enjoy the treatment of tariff reduction and value-added tax. However, according to the spirit of the General Administration of customs' No. 81 document of 2002 and the No. 25 announcement, the imported self use printing equipment under the following circumstances can still enjoy the tax-free preferential policies: 1. The self use equipment imported within the total investment of the foreign-funded enterprise that approved the resume before October 1, 2002; 2. Self use equipment imported within the amount of capital increase applied for and approved before october1,2002; 3. Self use equipment imported by processing enterprises with supplied materials and enterprises whose products are 100% exported. The latter still needs to be withdrawn in advance (divided into five years)

tax no. Name of goods old tax rate (%) new tax rate (%) VAT (%) comprehensive tax rate (%) tax no. Name of goods old tax rate (%) new tax rate (%) VAT (%) comprehensive tax rate (%) 8440 book binding machine sewing and binding machine Binding machine Other book binding machines Part 881726.368441 other paper processing machines paper cutters A machine for making tapes and envelopes Cutter part 881726 Machine parts for other paper products 8.48.41726 Phototypesetting equipment laser phototypesetting equipment 991727 Other typesetting machines and apparatus991727.53

844 the upstream paper industry's endless scenery plate making machines, apparatuses and equipment 991727 Other typesetting equipment 991727 Plate making machine parts 771725 Printing plates and other parts 771725.198443 printing machines and auxiliary printing machines - roll feed offset presses

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