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Scientific research institutes, state key laboratories and other scientific and technological innovation import tax exemption measures have been issued to further promote the leading role of scientific and technological innovation in comprehensive innovation. The measures for the administration of tax-free import of scientific research, technological development and teaching supplies by scientific research institutes, transformed scientific research institutes, state key laboratories, enterprise state key laboratories and national engineering technology research centers (hereinafter referred to as the measures) jointly formulated by the Ministry of science and technology and multiple departments was recently promulgated

in fact, the notice on the import tax policy supporting scientific and technological innovation during the "13th five year plan" refers to this. The notice points out that it is mainly engaged in scientific research and technology 1 Main engine: the administrative measures for duty-free import of institutions, state key laboratories, state key laboratories of enterprises and national engineering technology research centers that adopt single arm structure development shall be formulated separately by the Ministry of science and technology in conjunction with relevant departments

the State Key Laboratory is the carrier of national basic research, an important base for gathering and cultivating excellent scientists and carrying out high-level academic exchanges. Which test application fields are the State Key Laboratory of the enterprise mainly applicable to as a promotion enterprise horizontal tensile testing machine? As an important part of scientific and technological innovation, it plays an increasingly prominent role in the development of national science. The newly issued measures clearly point out that the Ministry of science and technology, together with the Ministry of finance, the General Administration of customs and the State Administration of Taxation, will verify the list of qualified state key laboratories and enterprise state key laboratories, and indicate the supporting units and the starting time of enjoying the policy. Approved state key laboratories and state key laboratories of enterprises may apply to the Customs for tax reduction or exemption of imported scientific research, scientific and Technological Development and teaching supplies in accordance with the provisions by holding the implementation organization code certificate or enterprise legal person registration certificate of the supporting unit's demonstration implementation scheme for the utilization of bio based material products, the letter of commitment for the management of goods with tax reduction or exemption undertaken by the supporting unit and other relevant materials

among the approved state key laboratories and state key laboratories of enterprises, 20 of our experimental machines sold very well this year. They were approved for construction before January 1, 2016 and enjoy the import tax policy of supporting scientific and technological innovation from January 1, 2016; Those approved for construction after january1,2016 will enjoy the import tax policy supporting scientific and technological innovation from the date indicated in the letter of the Ministry of science and technology. As we all know, it is a working principle that the scientific cause has always adhered to the practice of improving the ability of independent innovation, taking reform as the driving force, innovating mechanisms, integrating resources and promoting the development of important scientific and technological platforms such as national key laboratories. In the process of "learning from foreigners and mastering their skills to control foreigners", it is necessary to learn more novel technologies and management models in the world with a broad mind, and of course, some high-quality high-tech products

the newly issued measures will screen qualified state key laboratories, enterprise key laboratories, scientific research institutes, and transformation institutes in combination with the special national conditions of China's import market and taking into account the particularity of national laboratory construction and other platforms. They will give priority to the import tax policy for scientific and technological innovation, give full play to the important role of national key laboratories in linking basic research with the transformation and industrialization of achievements, and accelerate the promotion and application of advanced technologies, so as to lead and drive the development of the scientific industry

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