Scott water-based paint warms society with truth a

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Scott water-based paint - warm the society with truth and sincerity

Scott water-based paint - warm the society with truth and sincerity

high level good deeds, such as water quality, nourish all things and strive for fame and wealth

Buddhism believes that good deeds are beneficial to themselves and others; It is a good behavior in this life and in the next life

the inheritance of goodness emphasizes the unity of knowledge and action. This has many similarities with Scott's brand concept of water paint, "nothing is the soul of Buddhism, poverty is the pole of all things, and the flower is rich and auspicious". Scott practiced water-based paint with practical actions, which is a great cause for the benefit of mankind

good causes and good relationships are the right path in the world.

in the 20th century, paint accounted for a large share in the domestic paint market because of its low-cost and high return product advantages. However, behind the high profits, there are a series of problems: - days, - patients, occupational diseases and so on

practice kindness, the embodiment of Justice - Scott water-based paint

Scott paint was founded in 1951 and has a history of 67 years. Its founder is Mr.Joe, who graduated from the Department of chemical engineering of Harvard University in the United States. Since its establishment, the company has developed and produced hundreds of oil-based, water-soluble and multi-purpose primers, topcoats, waterproof glues and anti-skid floor paints for construction and home decoration markets

at present, the main scientific research direction of Scott paint company in the United States is to develop high-quality, water-based, green and energy-saving new coatings for the public; The sales network of Scottrade paint produced by the company covers the United States, most countries in Europe and some countries in South America and the Middle East. It is a green high-tech paint manufacturer integrating technology research and development, production and sales

Shenzhen Scott Trading Co., Ltd. is the general agent of American Scott paint in China, bringing this long-standing paint brand to China, a construction and home decoration paint market with great development potential

Shenzhen Scottrade mainly sells 100% Scottrade paint imported from the United States; At the same time, it also undertakes the internal and external wall coating construction projects of various families, villas and buildings

warm the society with sincerity

engaging in the business of water paint is not only a business, but also a feeling

- once said: "infinite distance, countless people, are related to me". Feelings are a universal realm that transcends the ID and benefits the public

Scottrade always says "make a business, make a friend". Unlike the traditional business relationship, Scottrade enterprises pay more attention to human feelings and become a warm water paint brand. Scott has been building high-quality products with true technical strength, keeping promises in good faith and providing warm and thoughtful services

we are in an era of shyness to talk about feelings, because it is illusory and distant. But in this era, how much people need to care less about the gains and losses of some utilitarianism, and have a little more big feelings to care about "countless distant and infinite people"

Scott doesn't short the sentimental water paint brand. In the past 20 years of development, he has always shouldered the responsibility, innovated and enterprising, worked hard on products and services, and firmly believed that water paint is beneficial to mankind now and in the future. Never complacent, arrogant, willing to listen to the voice of consumers, do positive energy water paint around you

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